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First appearance: "Geothermal Escapism" — Owned by: Buzz Hickey — Used by: Buzz Hickey
Purpose: Transportation— Made by: Buzz Hickey   PHOTO ICON


Hiya kids! I'm Criminology professor Buzz Hickey and this? This is just a little something I put together.
Buzz Hickey, "Geothermal Escapism".

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Buzz riding the Juggernaut.
The Juggernaut was a contraption built by Greendale Criminology Professor Buzz Hickey. Cobbled together from various materials he found at school, it was designed for an intense game of "Hot Lava". It not only possessed formidable offensive weaponry but was also able to easily traverse the magma transformed landscape of the campus. The motorized vehicle eliminated many a player leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Its first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Geothermal Escapism".


Season Five[]

In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Abed hosted a special game of "Hot Lava" to say goodbye to his best friend Troy who was leaving soon on a trip around the world. To incentivize the rest of the campus to join in, Abed offered the winner of the contest his first edition "Space Clone" comic book valued at $50,000. Professor Buzz Hickey, who was in need of some quick cash due to an upcoming wedding his son was having, threw himself into the competition eager to win the prize. Using his impressive mechanical skills, he modified a desk and outfitted it with armor, weapons and self propulsion by fire extinguishers. Nicknamed Juggernaut, the machine set out on a warpath which sent scores of players falling to their imaginary doom.

While driving the Juggernaut down one of the schools hallways, Hickey came across his peers from the Save Greendale Committee who were surrounded by "Locker Boyz" led by Ben Chang. Hickey literally mowed down Chang and his men eliminating them from the competition. He then turned the desk around and went after the committee members who had ran after he launched his assault. He found Britta who had been abandoned by Abed and Troy and left to fend for herself. Hickey took pity on her thinking she had gotten a raw deal from her supposed friends. He offered her to climb on board his desk and the two formed an alliance. Together they gathered an army of "Chair-walkers"" and headed towards the safe haven the group had fled to known as "Shirley's Island".

Upon reaching their destination, Britta had her forces tear down the crudely constructed fortress. Shirley had no choice but to allow Troy and Abed to use a secret weapon she had hidden. The duo burst out of the island riding "The Orb" which managed to take out a number of Hickey's chair walking soldiers. Hickey than drove his desk onto the field of battle and challenged Troy and Abed to a game of chicken. The pair accepted and the two vehicles launched themselves straight at each other. At the last minute, Hickey swerved out of the way but not before he used a knife to slash the the plastic bubble. With "The Orb" now leaking air, Troy and Abed fled the scene with Hickey and Britta not far behind them. They followed them to the library basement where Buzz and Britta were forced to abandon the Juggernaut and had to pursue the pair on foot ("Geothermal Escapism").


The "Juggernaut" is made up of various items found at school:
  • A Vicro 785 Open Front Student Desk.
  • ELM2 Quantum Incandescent Unit Hallway lights are used as the headlights.
  • A pencil holder is taped to the top of the desk.
  • Window shutters are used as the front bumper.
  • A vintage Kenmore industrial fan is used as part of the hood ornament.
  • Various fire extinguishers are used to propel the desk.
  • A library book cart is used as a side car which holds different tools.
  • Retractable locker doors are attached to the sides of the desk to sweep players off their feet.

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A closer look at the "Juggernaut".