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Karey Dornetto
Karey Dornetto
Home town: Charleston, SC
Occupation: Television writer
Also known for: "The Onion News Network", "Portlandia"
Work on Community
Title: Writer/ Producer
Writing debut: "Investigative Journalism"
Active on Community: 2009-2011

i'm drinking this really great sleepy time tea. it's called: bourbon.
— Karey Dornetto, Twitter


Karey Dornetto is an American comedian and former writer and producer of  "Community" during the second half of Season One to the end of Season Two. She is a native of Charleston, SC where she attended the University of South Carolina majoring in finance. After graduating she worked in investment banking for the Banc of America. She later joined the sketch comedy group The Perch, where she began writing and performing weekly. She moved to New York City where she started performing standup and produced her own show in Chinatown, called "The Rape and Pillage Show."  A well recieved story called "The Fat Basketball Diaries" inspired her to try her hand at comedy writing and she later moved out to Los Angeles to take her first writing gig on "South Park". After a steady stream of work producing and writing for various TV shows she ended up on Community back in 2010 where she stayed until the end of Season Two in 2011. During this time she wrote and illustrated a book called "101 Ways to Shave Your Ass". In 2014 Karey married director, producer and screenwriter Jamie Babbit.



Karey Dornetto Community episodes:

Season One

Investigative Journalism" (14 January 2010) - co-producer  

"Romantic Expressionism" (4 February 2010) - co-producer  

"Communication Studies" (11 February 2010) - co-producer  

"Physical Education" (4 March 2010) - co-producer  

"Basic Genealogy" (11 March 2010) - Writer (written by) , co-producer  

"Beginner Pottery" (18 March 2010) - co-producer  

"The Science of Illusion" (25 March 2010) - co-producer  

"Contemporary American Poultry" (22 April 2010) - Writer (written by) , co-producer  

"The Art of Discourse" (29 April 2010) - co-producer  

"Modern Warfare" (6 May 2010) - co-producer 

"English as a Second Language" (13 May 2010) - co-producer  

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited" (20 May 2010) - co-producer  

Season Two

"Anthropology 101" (23 September 2010) - producer  

"Accounting for Lawyers" (30 September 2010) - producer   

"The Psychology of Letting Go" (7 October 2010) - producer  

"Basic Rocket Science" (14 October 2010) - producer  

"Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples" (21 October 2010) - producer  

"Epidemiology" (28 October 2010) - Writer (written by) , producer 

"Aerodynamics of Gender" (4 November 2010) - producer  

"Cooperative Calligraphy" (11 November 2010) - producer  

"Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" (18 November 2010) - producer  

"Mixology Certification" (2 December 2010) - producer  

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" (9 December 2010) - producer  

"Asian Population Studies" (20 January 2011) - producer  

"Celebrity Pharmacology 212" (27 January 2011) - producer  

"Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" (3 February 2011) - producer  

"Early 21st Century Romanticism" (10 February 2011) - Writer (written by)  

"Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" (17 February 2011) - producer  

"Intro to Political Science" (24 February 2011) - producer  

"Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" (17 March 2011) - producer  

"Critical Film Studies" (24 March 2011)]]" - producer  

"Competitive Wine Tasting" (14 April 2011) - producer  

"Paradigms of Human Memory" (21 April 2011) - producer  

"Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts" (28 April 2011) - Writer (written by) , producer  

"A Fistful of Paintballs" (5 May 2011) - producer  

"For A Few Paintballs More" (12 May 2011) - producer


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Dornetto posted online a number of photos she took of herself with cast and crew of Community during production of the Season Two episode "Epidemiology".

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