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Karl portrait
Portrayed by: Alex Schemmer
First appearance: "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"
Last appearance: "Alternative History of the German Invasion"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Major: Foosball
Occupation: UNKNOWN


— Karl, "Alternative History of the German Invasion".

Karl portrayed by Alex Schemmer.
Karl is a student at Greendale Community College. He is one of four German exchange students along with Lukas, Juergen and his brother Reinhold. They are all Foosball enthusiasts who are attending the school on a scholarship for the game. Karl is less aggressive then the others and has shown to have other competitive interests outside of Foosball. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism". He is portrayed by actor Alex Schemmer.

Character history[]

In the study group's third year together at Greendale, Karl and his fellow German exchange students Juergen and Lukas are first introduced. They make their presence well known on campus by loudly beating and then berating other students at Foosball in the student lounge. Jeff becomes so annoyed by their antics he goes to confront them over the study group's objections. He attempts to sarcastically shame the trio but Karl offers that they will stop playing if Jeff can score one point on them. Jeff accepts but fails in his attempt causing Juergen and Lukas to mock him. The next day, Karl and the others find Jeff and Shirley in the student lounge practicing on the a foosball table. The trio taunt the pair with Juergen telling them to get away from their table. When they refuse, Juergen issues a challenge to play a game for rights to use the table. Shirley agrees but suggests the following Monday morning. She also adds that they up the stakes; the losers will never use the table again.

Jeff confronts the Germans
Maybe foosball is a bigger deal in Germany.

Juergen accepts the challenge and decides to demonstrate what Jeff and Shirley have to look forward to. With Karl and Lukas supporting him, Juergen puts his arms around their shoulders. Keeping his legs together, he swings them back mimicking a foosball player game piece. Karl then holds up a soccer ball as Jeurgen swings forward and sends the ball flying towards Jeff and Shirley. After letting Juergen down, Karl then flashes the V sign at them and the trio smugly exit. Although they are proud of the display they just put on, Jeff is less than impressed annoyed that they would waste a twenty dollar soccer ball for a stupid bit.

The germans
A $25 bit.
That Monday, Karl and the other Germans are playing at the foosball table when Jeff and Shirley show up for their match. Karl joins Juergen on one side of the table while Lukas watches from the sidelines. Jeff and Shirley start the game by passing the foosball quickly back and forth. Shirley then launches it into the air where it lands right in the middle of the table. Both Karl and Juergen try to get at the ball with their foosball players but its too far out of reach. Juergen starts to berate Karl and all three Germans start to argue amongst themselves. With the match at a standstill, Jeff and Shirley leave satisfied at the draw.

S03E09-Juergen and Karl astounded
Karl and Juergen astounded.
In the Study Group's fourth year at Greendale, they once more encountered the Germans who had registered in History 101 class with them. Juergen was not there, instead Reinhold was. Later, the Study Group found the Germans in Group Study Room F, sitting in a small table in the corner which they said was just for a day. After the group agreed to let them stay (over Jeff's objections) Karl celebrated by exclaiming "tonight we dine in hell!". Abed recognized this as the call sign of a character in a video game he plays. He privately confirms this with Karl who recognizes Abed's character as well. A bond is formed between them and they shake.

S04E04-Karl shakes with Abed
Dr. Blitz and Spacetimer 8032 bond.
The next day, the Study Group finds the Germans have taken over the study room. They engage in a battle with them for it but the Germans consistently arrive earlier than them to sign it out. The group hatches a ruse to defeat them by holding an Oktoberfest celebration. Karl delights in the blutwurst (blood sausage) served but Reinhold smells a rat. When he sees a large German chocolate cake, he wonders if there is something inside it. Karl says Abed can be trusted and to ask him. Abed lies that the cake is solid but Troy pops out of it just before Reinhold cuts into it with a knife. The Germans are unaware that if they participate in campus activities that celebrate their culture, they will be banned from using study rooms. The group takes pictures of them engaging in the Oktoberfest and the Dean later bans them from Group Study Room F.

S04E04-Karl blutwurst
I promise you there's nothing gross in this sausage. It's just pig's blood stuffed into a cow's intestine.
The group arrives the next day but find the Germans have organized a protest. They and many other students including Leonard, Todd, Vicki and Garrett are tired of them hogging the study room. The group leaves and decides to improve Greendale by cleaning up a number of other study rooms on campus. Forgiven by all, they return to their study room home. Later, Karl appears on Troy and Abed's pod cast. Abed gives him an apology (for lying to him earlier), $5 and his four pronged trident.

S04E04-Karl with trident
Karl gets an apology, sort of.