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Student ID
Portrayed by: Wendy McColm
First appearance: "Herstory of Dance"
Date of birth: THE 1990's
Major: Manic Pixie Dream Girl


Super-duper Mister Cooper!
— Kat, "Herstory of Dance".

S04E08-Kat balloon
Kat portrayed by Wendy McColm.
Kat is a student at Greendale Community College. She exudes a quirky and somewhat childish personality and was chosen by Annie to be Abed's date for the 2013 Sadie Hawkins dance at the school. Her first and so far only appearance was in the Season Four episode "Herstory of Dance". Kat is portrayed by actress Wendy McColm.

Character history[]

In the study group's fourth year together at Greendale, Dean Pelton decide to throw a Sadie Hawkins dance. Eager to play matchmaker, Annie got approval from Abed to set him up with a date for the dance. Shirley offered to find a date for Abed as well effectively turning it into a competition between her and Annie. After searching around campus, Annie found Kat trying to pay for her lunch in the cafeteria with a song. Believing she had found the perfect match, Annie brought Kat with her to the study room to meet Abed. After Annie left them alone to get to acquainted, Kat started to blow up a balloon in front of Abed and then released all the air once it was full. She the explained that while blowing it up she was asking Abed to go with her to the dance and wondered if he heard it.

4x08-Abed Kat quirky
So quirky!
Abed didn't respond to that question and simply said he would love to go with her to the event. An excited Kat gave him an exaggerated OK hand sign along with a overly flirty wink. She then impressed Abed with her exit by pulling a collapsible razor scooter out of her back pack and rolling out of the room. Ultimately, Abed had accepted not only Kat's invitation but also one from Shirley's candidate for the dance, a girl named Jessica. He hoped to successfully do the television sitcom trope of having two dates to a dance. The night of the dance, Abed brought as an icebreaker for his date with Kat a jelly bean kaleidoscope and in lieu of flowers gave her an artichoke. Kat thanked him by speaking in an exaggerated Cockney accent and pretended to put the item into an invisible sack.

S04E08-Kat with artichoke
Thanks Guvna!
Throughout the night, Abed kept the two dates going secretly from each other aided by a coat check girl he met named Rachel. At one point Abed mistakenly asked Kat how long she had been doing bible study, an activity Jessica did as she was from Shirley's church. After Kat's confused reaction, he quickly corrected himself and asked her how long she had been making miniature hats out of duct tape. Rachel then stepped in to help Abed extricate himself from his date with Kat by shooting out bubbles into the air with a bubble making gun. Kat instantly became enthralled the floating distractions and chased after them leaving Abed free to check in with Jessica.

S04E08-Kat chasing bubbles
Kat chasing bubbles.
However, Annie and Shirley soon figured out what he was up to and angrily confronted him just as he was about to bring the trope to an end. Annie pointed out that Kat was all alone on the dance floor hula hooping by herself. Shirley added that his actions could have serious consequences and people's feelings could get hurt in the process. Although Kat was clearly upset at being abandoned she later seemed to have gotten over it as she was last seen chasing after a balloon that got away from her. She followed it to the coat check room where one of the coat check girls upon seeing her antics realized Kat was the owner of a pair of water wings which had been checked in.

S04E08-Kat hula hooping
Kat sad hula hooping.


Kat's character is inspired by the trope of the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" . It is a term used to describe a type of female character in various media who has an eccentric and overly emotional personality. They are often the foils and romantic interests for the main male character in these stories who in contrast have a more reserved and stoic personality. The MPDG will often teach them important lessons such as living life to the fullest.