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This article is about the character of "Kickpuncher". For the film franchise, see the article "Kickpuncher (franchise)"

Detroit P.D.
Kickpuncher My name is Dave
Portrayed by: Don "The Demon" Donaldson (Derek Mears)
First appearance: "Romantic Expressionism"
Last appearance: "Intro to Political Science"
Home town: Detroit
Occupation: Cybernetically enhanced Police officer


My punches were only as strong as my punches and then things changed.
— Kickpuncher, "Romantic Expressionism".

Kickpuncher full
Kickpuncher portrayed
by Derek Mears.
Kickpuncher is the titular hero of a movie franchise that Troy and Abed are huge fans of. The hero, as well as the movies, have been referenced many times in other episodes. One of Troy and Abed's end tag is a fanvid of the movie starring Troy as Kickpuncher and Abed as his nemesis Punchkicker. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Romantic Expressionism". Copies of the Community The Complete First Season DVD came with a free Kickpuncher comic book ostensibly written by Troy Barnes but actually written and drawn by artist Jim Mahfood.

Character history[]

It's the future of 2006 A.D. where a nuclear war has ravaged the planet. In the wake of this near apocalypse, the city of Detroit has become a free fire zone. It is now overrun with scavengers, drug dealers and terrorists disturbing the fragile peace. Amidst the chaos, a lone figure has arisen to curb the growing chaos. Once a normal police officer, through unknown circumstances he underwent an extreme conversion. Now code-named Kickpuncher, he has been cybernetically enhanced to fight back against the criminal element overrunning his city. Aided by a metal gauntlet implanted on his right forearm, his punches now have the power of kicks. In addition, a metal cowl covers the left side of his face equipped with a glowing cybernetic eye.

Kickpuncher hero walk
A hero is born.
His first test of his new abilities was to put an end to a drug syndicate . They had pushers on the street selling Mega Dope to the people of Detroit. He crashed one such potential sale and easily incapacitated the drug dealer. By the end of his inaugural debut he managed to save the city from an even greater danger. Of the many thankful citizens one especially appreciative female admirer approached him afterwards to personally thank him for his efforts. She then asked him since he did so much for the people of Detroit if there was anything they could do for him in return. In an effort to reaffirm his humanity, Kickpuncher did have one particular request. He replied that he would like to not be referred to by his code name and instead be called his real name, David ("Romantic Expressionism").

Kickpuncher dark
Kickpuncher prepares to kick punch.



Kickpuncher is an obvious pastiche of various '80s and '90s science fiction action films that take place in a post-apocalyptic near future. Its primary influence is "Robocop" as Kickpuncher shares a similar protagonist in the form of a cop that has been cybernetically enhanced. The name of the actor who portrays him is Don "The Demon" Donaldson, which is probably a nod to the B-movie action hero Don "The Dragon" Wilson. He starred in a number of similar themed sci-fi films, notably "Cyber Tracker" which deals with an execution force made up of cyborgs. The name Kickpuncher itself could be a reference to the webcomic Nedroid which, in its July 25, 2008 strip seen here, had the character Beartato state that he was going to review Kickpuncher II: The Fightening.

Part man. Part machine. All cop.