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Kickpuncher comic book

  Kickpuncher comic book  
First appearance: Community The Complete First SeasonOwned by: Community fans — Used by: Community fans
Purpose: Entertainment— Made by: Jim Mahfood   PHOTO ICON

The Snake Men have defied Troy and Abed. For that they must be Kickpunched!

Community ComicBook 300
The comicbook.
The Kickpuncher comicbook is a promotional mini-comic included in the Community The Complete First Season DVD. It features Kickpuncher with Troy and Abed on a mission to rescue Britta and Annie from the evil Snake Men. It is credited as being written by the character Troy Barnes and illustrated by comic artist Jim Mahfood. In canon the story was that Troy took an art class with Jim Mahfood, who is an art student at Greendale. Mahfood took a shine to Troy’s talents and decided to take him under his wing as a protégé and do the comic book. In real life Dan Harmon actually co-wrote the comic with Mahfood. Its first appearance was on September 21, 2010 the date the DVD was released.

The story[]

The study group are having a meeting when Snake Men burst into the study room. They shoot Jeff, Pierce and Shirley with special ray guns that send them to different "Phantom Zone"'s. Troy and Abed as well as Britta and Annie are spared their friends fate. The Snake Men then declare they are kidnapping Britta and Annie because as they are female they will give birth to future human leaders. They leave taunting Troy and Abed as they go that they can't do anything to stop them. Abed has an idea and he and Troy head over to Dean Pelton's office. They order the Dean to push the special button they built and he complies declaring that Troy and Abed rule. Kickpuncher suddenly arrives and asks where the injustice is that needs to taken care of.

Kickpuncher comic I am needed
Kickpuncher is summoned.
Abed tells him that they must fly to Cairo believing that to be where the Snake Men went since that's where snakes evolved from. He and Troy accompany the hero on a jet to Egypt and Kickpuncher states that the Snake Men must pay for having deified Troy and Abed. After landing, the trio search the dessert on a camel and Kickpuncher spots a pyramid he suspects is the Snake Men's hide out. Inside that pyramid, the Snake Men have tied Annie and Britta up and stripped them down to their underwear. The Snake Men state that even though they are non-sexual beings they still are going to force the women to wash their cars in their panties. It's at that moment that Kickpuncher smashes his way into the room and easily takes out two of the Snake Men.

Damsels in distress
Damsels in distress.
Troy and Abed look on in awe as Kickpuncher quickly takes care of the remaining Snake Men. After it's all over, Kickpuncher states that his work is done and that he must go. As he leaves, Troy, Abed, Annie and Britta simultaneously thank the hero. Annie and Britta surprise their friends when they embrace and then passionately kiss each other. They reveal that during their captivity they fell in love which Troy and Abed say they have absolutely no problems with. Britta then suggests that maybe the four of them should live inside the pyramid together. Troy and Abed enthusiastically high five each other as they declare that they are best friends.

Best friends

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