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Student ID
Kim McFadden
Portrayed by: Adam Silver
First appearance: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"
Date of birth: Unkown
Major: Unknown
Occupation: student


Dear Jeff, this may come as a shock to someone who thinks he's God's gift to the world but you are actually an inconsiderate jerk.
— Kim, "Digital Exploration of Interior Design".

3x13-Kim quizzical
Kim portrayed by Adam Silver.
Kim was a student at Greendale Community College whom Jeff Winger personally offended during his first year at Greendale. Kim's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Digital Exploration of Interior Design". Kim was portrayed by actor Adam Silver.

Character history[]

In the study group's third year at school together, Jeff discovers he has a school locker. Inside the locker along with hundreds of flyers to campus events is a letter addressed to him from someone named Kim. It says that he hurt and disrespected Kim who calls him an "inconsiderate jerk". Along with Annie he tries to discover the identity of this person who wrote him this letter years ago so he can apologize. After looking up the school registry they determine that the Kim they are looking or is one Kim McFadden and track down her locker. However, once they get there a passing male student informs them that Kim died two weeks ago. He then leaves for another "Save Garrett" rally leaving behind a stunned Jeff and Annie.

Afterwords, Annie finds Jeff in the student lounge depressed over the fact that he can never make it up to Kim for whatever it is that he did wrong. Annie suggests that he apologize to Kim's locker in order to get some closure. Jeff takes her advice and the two go back the next day. Holding a bouquet of flowers, a penitent Jeff stares at the locker and delivers a heartfelt speech apologizing for his previous actions:

Kim, it's me Jeff... the inconsiderate jerk. Look I don't remember hurting you and I have to assume that's what hurt you. God knows what crime you committed to deserve me disregarding you entirely. But whatever your crime I think we both know the real crime is mine. I'm a self-centered shallow jackass. And I just want to thank you for your note because I'm going to try to change. I just wish you were here to forgive me.
It's then that the same male student who informed them of her death accepts his apology and reveals himself to actually be Kim. He explains he wrote that note because Jeff could never remember him even though they hung out back during his first year at school. When Kim saw Jeff looking for him he made up the dead Kim story hoping Jeff would be just as hurt as he was back then. Jeff then sincerely apologizes to Kim and the two hug it out. Annie is annoyed by this as she had hoped that by having Jeff confront his past actions he would learn to treat women in his life better. Instead all his efforts had been wasted on what Annie referred to as a "weird cloying hypersensitive stalker with a girls name". Kim took great offense but angry Annie then told him to "Put it in a letter, Jane Austin". A confused Jeff and Kim simply looked on baffled as she stormed off ("Digital Exploration of Interior Design").

3x13-Jeff this is Kim
This is...Kim, right?


In a podcast interview with, "Community" creator Dan Harmon admitted that the character of "Kim" was meant to poke fun at Sony television executive Kim Rozenfeld who would send notes to the writing staff about the show:
There is an episode in the third season [episode 13: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"] where one of the b-stories is about a mysterious girl named Kim that left a note in Joel McHale's character's locker. And he's trying to figure out who Kim is and it turns out it was a guy. We were just trying to get under the skin of Kim Rozenfeld, who's the head of current programming. It was just a lot of jokes about how Kim's a girl's name and who care about his notes.Dan Harmon

Kim Rozenfeld
Sony executive Kim Rozenfeld.