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5x06-Lapari headshot
Portrayed by: Kumail Nanjiani
First appearance: "Analysis of Cork-based Networking"
Last appearance: "Modern Espionage"
Date of birth: February 21, 1978
Department: Custodial
Position: Deputy Custodian


Daughter, soccer. Yes, thanks for coming.
— Lapari, "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking".

5x06-Lapari mixer
Lapari is Deputy Custodian at Greendale Community College and the right hand man of Head Custodian Bob Waite. His first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani.

Character history[]

Hoping to expedite the rehanging of the bulletin board, Annie and Professor Hickey showed up, uninvited, at the custodial mixer. In an attempt to screen unimportant visitors and matters from his boss, Lapari intercepted them at the door. When Annie found him immune to the charm that succeeded with the janitors Hickey pointed out a wood burnt sign made by Mr. Whitney, Greendale's woodshop professor. Lapari brags that the sign is indeed "a Whitney original". Hickey then makes a veiled threat regarding a powerful toilet in Whitney's home that might exceed plumbing code. Lapari catches his drift and, defeated, reluctantly introduces them to Chief Custodian, Bob Waite ("Analysis of Cork-Based Networking").

5x06-Hickey Lapari Waite walk
The part of Judas is played by Lapari.
In the sixth year of the Study Group at Greendale, Lapari is being honored at a "Clean Up Greendale" gala. Another Paintball Assassin game (this time underground) is occurring. The Save Greendale Committee discovers that it is being sponsored by City College and that a ghost-like player named "Silverballz" plans to strike at the gala. Dean Craig Pelton discovers that Lapari and the Greendale custodians are partners with City College in the game as they don't want Greendale clean. After a shoot out breaks out at the gala; Jeff, the Dean and Lapari are the only players left in the game. They chase Lapari into the "Museum of Custodial Arts" where they end up in a Mexican standoff. They shoot each other simultaneously so no one wins ("Modern Espionage").

S06E11-Lapari in standoff
Lapari in the Mexican standoff.


Kumail Nanjiani is a close friend of Community's creator, Dan Harmon, and is a regular guest on Harmon's podcast, Harmontown. Nanjiani also revealed on the Lights, Camera, Barstool podcast in 2023 that he auditioned for Community and was one of the last two actors who was up for the role of Abed, the other being Danny Pudi.