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Portrayed by: Tricia Helfer
First appearance: "Conventions of Space and Time"
Date of birth: April 11, 1974
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: UNKNOWN


WAIT! Nigel is married?! That is SO Thoraxis!
— Lauren, "Conventions of Space and Time".

Lauren is an "Inspector Spacetime" fan who, along with the study group, attended the 2012 Inspecticon" convention. She is an attractive and die hard fan of the science fiction program, particularly of the character "Thoraxis", an arch nemesis of the heroic "Inspector". Her first appearance was in the Season Four episode "Conventions of Space and Time". She is portrayed by actress Tricia Helfer.

Charcter history[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Troy and Abed went to an Inspector Spacetime convention. They invited Britta and also Jeff and Annie to join them. Jeff had agreed to attend the event so he and Annie could go on a ski trip but an avalanche ruins his plans. He was unaware that Troy and Abed had asked him to come primarily due to his uncanny resemblance to a Inspector Spacetime villain known as "Thoraxis". Annoyed by the reaction he was getting from the convention crowd, he was intent on leaving. However, Annie chose to stay and decided to take advantage of the hotel room Jeff booked for them. Meanwhile Jeff was down in the lobby mulling his options when he was approached by Lauren.

S04E03-Lauren smitten
A smitten Thoraxis fan.
She asked him if he was "Nigel Cuthbertson", the actor who portrayed the Inspector Spacetime villain "Thoraxis". He was about to tell her to go away when he saw how attractive she was. Jeff immediately responded in a thick British accent that he was indeed the actor she mistook him for. He started flirting a bit with her using whatever British slang he could think of but was having a difficult time keeping up the ruse. Jeff then asked her if he could practice his American accent claiming to have an audition soon. Returning to his normal voice, he questioned Lauren as to why she was such a big fan of "Inspector Spacetime". Her explanation was cut short when her phone's ringtone cut her off. It was the villain "Thoraxis" saying his signature catchphrase "Bow before Thoraxis!".

S04E03-Lauren and Nigel
Me lorry's plunging in the Thames!
As the ringtone kept going on, Lauren showed off the phone's wallpaper which was a picture of "Thoraxis". Jeff was incredulous that such a beautiful woman was such a nerdy fan of the show and jokingly asked her if she once wore glasses or a back brace. She then begged him to say "Thorax"'s catchphrase but Jeff was reluctant. Unknown to them, they were being observed by Annie who had earlier been misidentified by a hotel clerk as Jeff's wife. She didn't correct the mistake in order to indulge in the perks of the hotel room Jeff had reserved. While doing so, she became friends with the hotel staff. They alerted her that her "husband" was downstairs flirting with Lauren.

S04E03-Lauren phone
Bow before Thoraxis!
Annie continued her deception unwilling to come clean but also was genuinely upset with Jeff. She decided to march over to the couch Jeff and Lauren were sitting on and make a big scene. Annie demanded to know why Jeff was refusing to repair their "marriage". She then grabbed a drink from a serving tray a hotel waiter presented to her and threw it in Jeff's face. Believing she had been "lied" to, Lauren exclaimed how very much like his evil character "Nigel" was. She also grabbed a drink off of the same serving tray and threw it in Jeff's face. Lauren then criticized his American accent claiming it wasn't all that convincing before storming off ("Conventions of Space and Time").

S04E03-Lauren giving Nigel a faceful
Lauren giving "Nigel" a faceful.