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Lauren Pomerantz
Lauren Pomerantz
Occupation: Producer, writer
Also known for: The Ellen Show
Work on Community
Title: Writer, producer
Writing debut: Home Economics
Active on Community: 2009-2010

On days when Adele doesn't make me quite as depressed as I'd like to be, that is when I'm grateful for Coldplay.
— Lauren Pomerantz

Lauren Pomerantz is an American comedy writer who has worked on several TV shows including the MTV Video Music Awards and Saturday Night Live on NBC. She is perhaps best known for her work on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she worked as both writer and producer of the show and was featured on air in a few memorable segments. She worked on the talk show from 2007 to 2010 and during that time also worked on Community in Season One. She did not return for the following seasons and has since moved on to other projects.

Community episodes[]

Credited writer
Season One


Lauren "Home Wrecker" Pomerantz[]

When Pomerantz was still working on the Ellen DeGeneres Show she once briefly made an onscreen appearance. This caught the eye of a male viewer who subsequently wrote a letter to the show and asked if she was single. It was later revealed that the viewer was still in a relationship at the time he wrote the letter. Ellen decided to take advantage of this situation and turned it into a running gag on the show. Lauren and the couple were brought in for a few segments to deal with the "love triangle".

Daytime Drama Ellen wants homewrecker Lauren to apologize 10 09 08


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