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Staff/Faculty ID
Lee Slaughter
Portrayed by: Lee Majors
First appearance: "Beginner Pottery"
Home town: Jonesport, Maine
Department: Marine Biology
Position: Teacher of Nautical studies, Boating Instructor


I don't see students here. I see seamen. I didn't create them, but once you climbed aboard, I saw seamen inside of you. More importantly, you stopped giggling at the word seamen.
— Admiral Slaughter, "Beginner Pottery".

Professor Slaughter
Professor Slaughter.
Admiral Slaughter is the boating professor at Greendale. He is a war veteran and once was a machine gunner on the U.S.S. Denver during WWII. Slaughter lost his savings in a Nigerian scam and was forced to teach courses at Greendale for extra money. A tough but fair instructor, he takes a less traditional approach when teaching his students. He prefers that they learn as they go and simply corrects them when they are wrong or praises them when they've done something right. His only appearance was in the Season One episode "Beginner Pottery". He is portrayed by veteran actor Lee Majors.

Character history[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Pierce decided to take a boating course for the spring semester. After asking the study group if they were interested in taking the course with him, Shirley, Britta and Troy enrolled as well. Star-Burns had signed up as well and they all went to the campus parking lot for class. It was to be held on an actual sail boat, the S.S.Nose Candy and once on board they were greeted by the teacher Lee Slaughter. He explains to the class that they will be graded as a group. How well they work as a team and follow orders will determine whether they all pass or fail. Shirley catches his attention with her enthusiasm and he immediately promotes her to "captain" and leader of the "crew" much to Pierce's annoyance. Later, his simulated storm conditions lead to Pierce getting knocked off the boat and "drowning." Slaughter encourages Shirley to leave Pierce behind. Later, when Pierce returns via a canoe but starts to "drown" once more, Shirley ignores Slaughter's advice and has her crew "rescue" him. Slaughter notes that Shirley drove her ship into a storm and likely killed everyone onboard, but admires her dedication to the crew by promoting her to admiral and awarding the whole class an A.

Boating class
The noble S.S. Nose Candy.