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Portrayed by: Richard Erdman
First appearance: "Advanced Criminal Law"
Last appearance: "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"
Date of birth: June 1, 1925[1]
Major: Pain
Occupation: Retired


What a year! Only two pregnancy scares!
Leonard, "Pascal's Triangle Revisited".

Leonard portrayed by Richard Erdman.
Leonard Rodriguez (né Briggs, he changed his last name to garner the Hispanic vote during his campaign for Student Body President) was an elderly man who is studying business at Greendale Community College. He was born in 1925 and claims to have been in the cast of the 1920's classic "Little Rascals" and also fought in the Korean War on the North Korean side. He made his millions off a "Tetanus Emporium" somewhere on the East Coast. He has been at the school since 1975 and doesn't appear to have any intention of graduating. At his advanced age he no longer cares what others think of him and his surly attitude has made him a nuisance on campus. His history of bad behavior includes vandalism, skinny dipping in a public pool and joyriding with Dean Pelton's car. Leonard hangs out with a similar minded group of elderly students known as "The Hipsters" and acts as their de facto leader. He is portrayed by veteran actor Richard Erdman.

Character history[]

Season One[]

Hey guys, thanks for eating all the macaroni!

–Leonard, "Romantic Expressionism".

School year synopsis

Leonard was skinny dipping inside the pool located in Borchert Hall while an academic tribunal was convening over Britta having cheated on her Spanish test. Leonard took a billiards class along with Jeff and teased the ex-laywer about the tight P.E. gym shorts he was forced to wear. Before April Fools Day, he interrupted Dean Pelton's daily announcement to yell "Baba Booey" into the P.A. microphone. That was shown to be a distraction so he could put a "Kick me" sign on the back of the Dean. He was also later seen with another elderly student graffitiing the administrations office desk. It was mentioned Leonard has at least one son, who informed Jeff of Leonard's gambling addiction during Family Day. On the last day of the 2009-2010 semester he was seen on the campus quad by Jeff doing Tai Chi. Abed shot a video year book which featured a clip of Leonard bragging that there had been only a few pregnancy scares this year.

2009 - 2010 semester

Advanced Criminal Law": Leonard is first seen skinny dipping inside the pool in Borchert Hall during an academic tribunal concerning Britta having cheated on a Spanish 101 test.

Introduction to Statistics": In the hallway when Jeff is trying to convince Professor Michelle Slater to date him and gets shot down, Leonard (sitting on a bench) overhears the conversation and says “woooo”.

Romantic Expressionism": Leonard accuses Jeff of eating all the macaroni in the cafeteria. Jeff tells Leonard to shut up and that nobody knows what he is talking about. After Leonard leaves, Jeff admits to Britta that he was right and that it’s “messed up that he knows”.

Physical Education": Leonard appears in many scenes in Jeff’s pool class as an ally for Coach Herbert Bogner.

"Basic Genealogy": Leonard is sitting on a bench behind Jeff and Professor Michelle Slater when Slater breaks up with Jeff.

The Science of Illusion": During an announcement by the Dean about April Fool’s Day, Leonard grabs the microphone and yells “Baba Booey” three times. The Dean tells him “that’s strike two”. Later, Leonard is seen carving “The Dean sucks …” in the Administration reception area then asks how “testicles” is spelt.

Contemporary American Poultry": Leonard is seen near the episode end, bribing new fry cook Garrett for chicken fingers with a goldfish.

The Art of Discourse": In the end tag, Leonard can be seen playing bass, troping classic porn riffs. When a pizza delivery guy arrives, he says the pizza is his but since it took longer than 30 minutes to deliver, he won’t pay.

Modern Warfare": Leonard says “What it is, soul brother!” to Post-Ironic Disco Stu skating by. He is also the first person seen playing paintball when he stalks Jeff but is taken out by Abed.

Pascal's Triangle Revisited": After Britta and Professor Slater both declare their love for Jeff at the “Tranny Dance”, Leonard asks who Jeff is choosing.

Season Two[]

Where are the white women at?

–Leonard, "Early 21st Century Romanticism".

School year synopsis

Leonard was chosen by Dean Pelton to take part in the inaugural run of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Space Simulator. He was shown to be the leader of a rowdy, disobedient band of elderly Greendale students called the Hipsters whom Pierce briefly hung out with. On Valentines Day, Leonard went to Jeff's apartment and attended an impromptu party bringing a case of beer with him. Leonard later ran for student president and got into a spirited political debate with Magnitude. He later participated in the 2010 Paintball Assassin serving as part of the security personnel of Fort Hawthorne. Once the school had been invaded by City College Storm Troopers, he joined up with the remaining Greendale students to form a rebel alliance. He sat in on a strategy meeting and hinted that he was once an actor on "The Little Rascal's". He was made a part of Jeff's paintball assault team who was tasked with taking out their Gatling gun implement. Leonard interrupted Jeff's inspirational speech by mentioning the fact that he was banned from a "Denny's".

2010 - 2011 semester

Anthropology 101”: Leonard is part of the “wedding” between Jeff and Britta in Group Study Room F. He’s playing guitar and wearing a blue Gilligan hat.

Accounting for Lawyers”: Leonard is a member of the “Poppy Longstockings” with Garrett, Star-Burns and others.

Basic Rocket Science”: Leonard is the pilot of the cardboard space simulator “simulator”.

Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples": Leonard is in many scenes as a member of “The Hipsters”.

Epidemiology”: At the Halloween party, Leonard is dressed as a pumpkin and turns into a zombie. He first tries to bite Shirley who threatens him, instead he bites a female student alerting the Study Group to the “zombie attack”.

Aerodynamics of Gender”: Leonard helps Pierce find the manual to download photos from the “Draganflyer”.

Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design": Leonard steals couch cushions to help Troy and Abed build their pillow fort. He’s also told by Abed that he shouldn’t be in the fort as he has three farting strikes against him.

Early 21st Century Romanticism": Leonard is at the Valentine’s Dance and then at the impromptu party at Jeff’s house where he asks “Where all the white women at”?

Intro to Political Science”: Leonard is a candidate for student president who is continually raspberrying.

A Fistful of Paintballs”: Leonard is a piano player in Fort Hawthorne.

"For A Few Paintballs More": When Troy and Abed assemble the remaining Greendale students, Troy says they still have a chance to hit City College where it hurts. Leonard guesses "Their balls ... just below their balls"? When trying to rush the Paintball Gatling gun, Leonard tells Britta that he's been in a few real wars, but this one is the most terrifying. He yells "eat paint" at the stormtroopers and kills a few before being hit himself.

Season Three[]

There are those who thought that midnight might come and go and nothing would happen. Well I was in Korea and I knew the sound of crap when it was about to hit the fan.

–Leonard, "Pillows and Blankets".

School year synopsis

Leonard makes fun of Jeff for eating alone after Jeff is ejected from Biology class and the study group. Leonard participates in Dean Pelton's production of a new commercial for Greendale. Shirley mentions he has a YouTube channel dedicated solely to reviewing food. Leonard joined Abed in building Pillowtown fort and later assisted him as his top general in the Pillow and Blankets war with the rival Blanketsburg Fort. He is the one who suggests they unleash their WMD Pillow Man after the enemies in the blanket fort join forces with The Changlourious Basterds. In a Dreamatorium recreation by Abed of the events outside the Tranny Dance, it's revealed that Leonard was watching Jeff and Annie kiss while hiding in the bushes. When the study group instigates a riot in the cafeteria during a wake held for the recently departed Star-Burns, Leonard starts stealing from the salad bar. After the school comes under control of Ben Chang and his campus police force, The Changlourious Basterds, Leonard becomes the target of practical jokes from the head of security Joshua. A Youtube video is shown where he is reviewing Let's Potato Chips.

2011 - 2012 semester

"Biology 101": Leonard mocks Jeff for eating by himself in the cafeteria. Jeff tells him to shut up and says he heard about his prescription socks. Leonard raspberries back.

"Documentary Filmmaking: Redux": After Jeff indicates he's always willing to go the extra mile to avoid work, Leonard interrupts saying "Like sex with women". Jeff tells Leonard to shut up and that he smells like mentholyptus. Leonard then indicates he's thinking of breaking into the TV game. He doesn't want to look back and wonder "what if".

"Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism": After Shirley agrees to help Jeff beat The Germans at foosball, an eaves dropping Leonard says "The stakes have never been higher". Shirley replies "Shut up Leonard! I found your Youttube page. What's the point in of reviewing frozen pizza? Leonard replies, "You're talking about it." Shirley replies, "That's true."

"Regional Holiday Music": In the end tag, Leonard does raspberries to "Carol of the Bells".

"Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts": After Leonard corrects Jeff that they are at the rehearsal for Shirley's wedding and not the actual wedding, Jeff tells him to shut up and that the teenage girls who are playing ping pong with him are doing it ironically. Leonard is also seen hugging Annie and crying when Shirley and Andre make up.

"Contemporary Impressionists": Uncharacteristically, Leonard tells Jeff he's looking good. Jeff replies, "Thanks Leonard. For that compliment and for your service to this country".

"Digital Exploration of Interior Design": Leonard takes couch cushions for Abed's pillow fort. Jeff complains that he was going to lie there. Leonard says "I was going to invest in IBM in 1952, but life is full of disappointments." He was also in Group Study Room F when the war between Pillowtown and Blanketsburg begins.

"Pillows and Blankets": Leonard was a member of Pillowtown and it is mentioned that he fought in the Korean War for North Korea and his nickname was "Bucket of Guts". He participates in the final battle in the cafeteria.

"Virtual Systems Analysis": It's revealed that Leonard was hiding in the bushes when Jeff and Annie kiss in "Pascal's Triangle Revisited". As to why, he says "I don't have cable" and shrugs.

"Basic Lupine Urology": Leonard is seen arm wrestling in Pierce's gambling game. When Troy and Abed arrive he yells, "Youth! Scatter!".

"Course Listing Unavailable": Leonard loots from Subway's topping bar in the Greendale riot. He says he's going to take everything except onions and olives.

"Curriculum Unavailable": Leonard is part of the Study Group in the insane asylum clip.

"The First Chang Dynasty": Chang's second in command Joshua shakes Leonard's can of pop which then explodes on Leonard when he opens it.

"Introduction to Finality": In response to Britta telling Jeff that she'll be practising her pysch skills on Abed and what's the worst that could happen, an eaves-dropping Leonard says "Classic tee-up". Britta replies, "Shut up Leonard! I know all about your crooked wang!". Leonard says, "No such thing as bad press!". He also appears as the baliff in Dean Pelton's "courtroom" and reviews "Let's Potato Chips" in the end tag.

Season Four[]

I knew this day would come. I'm out of here.

–Leonard, "Basic Human Anatomy".

School year synopsis

Leonard competes in the "Hunger Deans" tournament to determine who will get a spot in the highly coveted class "History of Ice Cream". He teams up with Annie Kim to try and eliminate Jeff from the competition. Later they pair up again for a Tango dance off. While the study group is distracted, he steals all the "registration balls" Jeff won for each of the study group members. He later helped throw a welcoming party for a potential new wealthy student named Archie DeCoste. Annie and Shirley learn that he is ahead of them in their competition for Valedictorian because in 1968 he earned an "A" in a class called "Rotary Dial Maintenance" and has been taking every class since then as Pass/Fail to keep a perfect grade average. When Dean Pelton confronts him about this, Leonard apparently quits school. However, because he scolded Leonard, the Dean is forced to grant him three wishes according to the Greendale by-laws. Leonard is later seen attending Jeff's graduation ceremony in the study room.

2012 - 2013 semester

"History 101": Leonard is in the "History of Ice Cream" class. During the "Hunger Deans", in the first competition Leonard tells Jeff that he's going to eat his ice cream before Jeff punches him. Leonard does the tango with Annie Kim in another competition. At the end of the Hunger Deans, Leonard steals all of Jeff's balls when the Study Group was "incepting".

"Alternative History of the German Invasion": Leonard is part of the protesters against the Study Group's hogging of Group Study Room F. He says that the Study Group is like "the Nazis" in "Hogans Heroes", and then backs it up by pointing out that Shirley is wearing a shirt with "SS" on it (for Shirley's Sandwiches). In a flashback, Leonard is seen trying to get in the Study Room during the Dungeons and Dragons game in "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons".

"Economics of Marine Biology": Leonard is in charge of the foam machine (soap in a kiddy pool) in the cafeteria for the big party for the "Whale". When Annie asks him how it's going he says "memories will be made tonight".

"Basic Human Anatomy": It's revealed that Leonard is in the running for class valedictorian. Apparently he got an "A" in rotary phone maintenance in 1968 and has been taking pass/fail courses ever since to maintain his perfect GPA. When the Dean confronts Leonard, he drops out and yells "Classic wrap-up" to the Dean. It's also revealed Leonard had a nose job and it was a "lateral move".

"Introduction to Finality": Leonard is present at Jeff's graduation ceremony from Greendale.

Season Five[]

I told you you'd be back.

–Leonard, "Repilot".

School year synopsis

Leonard welcomes back Jeff with a raspberry when the lawyer makes an unexpected return to Greendale some time after his graduation. Leonard takes part in a rally led by Annie protesting the unfair grading practices of the Greendale teaching faculty. He also participates in the beta testing of a social media ranking app called "MeowMeowBeenz". Through the app he reaches level Three status and serves as member of the level Five's security force. Leonard has some advice to Abed when his fellow student has a meta crisis and subsequent breakdown in the schools hallway.

2013 - 2014 semester

"Repilot": When Jeff returns to Greendale, he runs into Leonard in the hallway. Leonard says "I told you you'd be back". Jeff tells him to shut up and that he is not really there, that Jeff is just a figment of Leonard's creeping dementia. Leonard raspberries back.

"Introduction to Teaching": Leonard is sporting a peace earring and chatting to a girl in the hallway. He tells Jeff he's the star of "Head of the Ass". Jeff tells him to shut up and that he looks like the road manager for the California Raisins. Later in the cafeteria when Jeff is in line, he tells him the line is for food, not Lionel Ritchie tickets. Later, Professor Hickey implies that the meatballs in the cafeteria are made of Leonard (as Leonard's earring is in one). Leonard shows up and asks if Hickey's bit is done and can he have his earring back.

"Basic Intergluteal Numismatics": Leonard sells overalls (which he calls “safety pants”) for $100 each in the hallway to protect against the Ass Crack Bandit. When Jeff tries to demonstrate platonic shoulder holding to Annie by using Leonard, Leonard tries to kiss Jeff. Jeff walks away and Leonard says to Annie “we can do better”.

"Geothermal Escapism": Leonard is a member of Shirley Island. When the chair walkers attack, Leonard is in charge of spraying the floor with melted butter.

"App Development and Condiments": Leonard is part of the cafeteria crowd that down-grades Britta to a “One” on MeowMeowBeenz. When she protests that she’s being punished for being alive, Leonard says “that’s the general idea baby”. Leonard becomes a guard for the “Fives” and initially denies Star-Burns entry to bringing them food.

"Basic Story": When Abed’s struggles to find a story and is on his knees in a hallway repeating, “I mean I’m wrong, I mean I’m right”, Leonard walks by and says “unsubscribe”.

Season Six[]

Feel the force. What? I don't feel the force. I'm not allowed to. What do I feel? I feel Dracula force.

–Leonard, "Intro to Recycled Cinema".

School year synopsis

It is revealed that Leonard has been studying at Greendale since the 1970s when he finds a frisbee he had lost on the roof of the school in 1975. When prison inmates start attending classes using "telepresence robots", Leonard puts a "Parole Me" sign on the back of one of them, and later watches a fight between Jeff and an inmate. When all of the school's e-mails are leaked, Leonard says to Garrett he enjoyed his girlfriend "as much as she enjoyed his plagiarized poetry". Leonard plays "Dracula" in Abed's movie "Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy"; he kills Chief Starr as he tears up, in the middle of "a lunch order during an outtake". He announces the end of the school year by yelling "School's out bitches!" in the hallway.

2014 - 2015 semester

Ladders”: Leonard watches as the Frisbee tsunami pours out of the cafeteria. An old frisbee of his hits his foot. He picks it up and remembers the day decades ago when he threw it on the cafeteria roof. Leonard also plays drums in a cabaret band (with Garrett and Vicki) in the bar under Shirley's Sandwiches. Britta does a Shut up, Leonard! and Frankie tries to do one in the bar. As the committee makes up with Frankie in Group Study Room F, Leonard stares at Garrett who is looking in and then gives the thumbs up to the camera.

Laws of Robotics & Party Rights”: Leonard puts a “Kick Me” sign on the back of one of the “wi-felon’s” tele-presence Pads. Abed mentions that he made a movie with Leonard called "Reverse Godzilla". He is present during the ceremony where the Dean intends to make the convict "Willy" a professor emeritus. He witnesses the fight between tele-presence Willy and Jeff and encourages the fight with "go brooms, go!".

Basic Email Security”: In the wake of the unrest after the performance by Gupta Gupti Gupta, Garrett confronts Leonard over sleeping with his girlfriend in 2009. Leonard says to Garrett he enjoyed his girlfriend "as much as she enjoyed his plagiarized poetry". Garrett leaps at Leonard but is restrained by other students.

Advanced Safety Features”: When Britta and Rick (Subway) are re-united, he professes his love for Britta and says she touched him in ways no one ever has. Leonard over hears this as he passes by and says "Nice".

Intro to Recycled Cinema”: Leonard plays "Dracula" in Abed's movie "Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy"; he kills Chief Starr as he tears up, in the middle of "a lunch order during an outtake".

Grifting 101”: Leonard is dressed as a bellboy and blocks the hallway with a rack of briefcases so that Grifting Professor DeSalvo can't chase after a stolen briefcase.

Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”: Leonard yells out "School's out bitches" at the episode start. Leonard is in one of Jeff's "pitches" where he imagines that he is the only member of the Study Group left at Greendale and is in a group with Garrett, Vicki, Dave, Todd and "Scrunch". He is also mentioned in the end tag in the Community game and the final Shut up, Leonard! joke is delivered.


  • A running gag on the show has Leonard often making a snarky remark which has someone tell him to shut up. A full list of these exchanges can be seen on this article page.
  • He is a very talented musician and has been seen playing bass ("The Art of Discourse"), guitar ("Anthropology 101"), piano ("A Fistful of Paintballs") and drums ("Ladders").
  • Leonard fought in the Korean War on the North Korean side. Or so he claims.
  • He has a son from whom he stole pillows and blankets for Abed and Troy's blanket fort ("Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design").
  • He has a daughter who gave him a Blu-ray player.
  • His frequent delinquency has caused him to be ignored by his children.
  • He has several popular YouTube channels which he uses to review food and clothing.
  • He had a nose job that according to Dean Pelton was "a lateral move" ("Basic Human Anatomy").


"Physical Education"

You're gonna look like an ass in those!Leonard