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Let's Potato Chips

  Let's Potato Chips  
First appearance: "Interpretive Dance" — Owned by: various — Used by: various
Purpose: snack food— Made by: Independent Studio Services   PHOTO ICON

Let's see. Mmmm, crispy... salty... not too greasy. Ha, ha, ha, that one's shaped like a duck...
Leonard, "Introduction to Finality".
Let's potato chip flavors

Let's Potato Chips
Bag of Original flavored Let's.
Let's Potato Chips are a popular brand of chips that are used as product placement for the Let's Potato Chip Brand, the favorite snack of several members of the study group. Troy in particular loves the potato chip commercials catchphrase of "Get your damn hands off my Let's!". The chips are sold in the vending machines at Greendale college and are also available in grocery stores where a large bag retails for $1.79 at a Krogers supermarket. "Let's" formed a partnership with Greendale and gave them money to help promote the brand on campus. Various students and faculty have been seen purchasing the chips throughout the run of the show. Leonard has even reviewed the potato chips on his YouTube channel, giving it a good review. Its first appearance was in the Season One episode "Interpretive Dance".

Appearances on the Show[]

Shirley Britta and Let's
   "Interpretive Dance"
Featuring: Shirley and Britta

Britta is seen purchasing a bag from a vending machine outside the library.

S01E17-Coach Bogner and Lets chips
   "Physical Education"
Featuring: Coach Bogner

A bag of original flavored Let's are seen behind Coach Herbert Bogner when he is playing pool against Jeff.

Shirley enjoying Lets BBQ
   "The Psychology of Letting Go"
Featuring: Shirley

Shirley is eating a bag of BBQ flavored Let's in the cafeteria while talking to Annie and Britta.

Dean Pelton rootbeer and Let's
   "Origins of Vampire Mythology"
Featuring: Dean Pelton and Abed

Dean Pelton brings a bag with him to Troy and Abed's apartment.

Magnitude and Let's
   "Basic Lupine Urology"
Featuring: Magnitude, Troy and Abed

Magnitude buys a bag from a vending machine in the student lounge.

   "Introduction to Finality"
Featuring: Leonard

Leonard has a food review of the product on his YouTube channel.

   "Economics of Marine Biology"
Featuring: Troy and Britta

Troy and Britta are seen in bed watching a "Let's Potato Chips" commercial on his laptop. Troy is upset when he notices Britta eating a can of a rival brand called "Springles" and tells her to leave as he is not feeling well.

S04E08-Troy Lets chips
   "Herstory of Dance"
Featuring: Troy

Troy sends a picture to Abed of himself with a bag of Let's regular and BBQ that he took from the supply closet for Britta's Sophie B. Hawkins dance. He is wearing a moustache as a disguise.

Shirley offers Let's potato chip
   "Introduction to Teaching"
Featuring: Shirley

Shirley offers to share her bag of sour cream Let's with the rest of the study group.

Lets Chips and Nacho Whiffies
   "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"
Featuring: Annie

Nacho Whiffies and all 3 flavours of Let's can be seen behind Annie.

S05E08-Jeff and Lets chips
   "App Development and Condiments"
Featuring: Jeff

All 3 flavors of Let's can be seen to the right of Jeff as he and Shirley start to spar in the MeowMeowBeenz beta test.

S06E01-Abed Frankie Annie emoticon and Lets chips
Featuring: Abed, Annie and Frankie

After Frankie asks for Abed's help in getting to know Greendale, Annie sends Abed an emoticon message. A bag of regular flavoured Let's is on the table.

S06E01-Abed and Lets chips
Featuring: Abed

When Abed is going into the back of Shirley's Sandwiches to see Jeff, Britta and Annie about Frankie Dart, a rack of Let's chip can be seen in the cafeteria.

Abed eating Let's pretzels
Featuring: Abed, Jeff, Britta and Annie

When his friends refuse to give Abed pretzels after he asks for some he reveals he had a bag of Let's pretzels all along.

S06E06-Committee with Lets
   "Basic Email Security"
Featuring: Save Greendale Committee

As the committee prepares for the Gupta Gupti Gupta show, a rack of Let's can be seen behind them.

S06E08-Group hug with Let's
   "Intro to Recycled Cinema"
Featuring: Abed, Jeff, Britta, Annie, Pelton, Frankie and Annie

During the showing of Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy in the cafeteria, a rack of Let's can be seen during the group hug.

Let's Potato Chip Jingle With Lyrics[]


Let's® Potato Chips Commercial

Let's snack it up
Let's do it right,
Let's taste the crisp
with flavored crunch
with all our might

Let's grab a bag,
Let's grab a bite,
Let's grab potato chips that do it right!

Get your damn hands off my Let's!

Background and Appearance In Other Shows[]


The Let's Potato Chips brand is an obvious take on the popular Frito-Lay's Lay's potato chips as it shares a similar name and has the bag's same overall design and coloring. Let's Potato Chips props are provided by Independent Studio Services and are available in Original, "Sour Cream & Onion" and "Bar-B-Que" flavours.


Some of the other shows Let's Potato Chips have appeared in are Dollhouse, Moonlight, Awkward, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, New GirlTouch, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Victorious, 4 of Arrested Development, 2 Broke Girls, The Middle, My Name is Earl, Orange is the New Black, Dads, The Crazy Ones, Crazy ex-girlfriend, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.