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Purpose : Resource center — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Pilot"

Visitors: Greendale students, the study group, Mariah, Todd

We'll use sneak attacks to draw their attack to the library where one of us will pull the fire alarm activating the sprinklers which I will have rigged using my super plumbing skills.
Troy, "For A Few Paintballs More".

The Greendale library is the learning resource center for the campus. It provides access to information not just from books but also from a wide range of formats including videos, tapes, computers, and other media. It also has several study rooms available to the student body to hold study sessions or any other type of group meeting or informal get-together. It is staffed with librarians such as Mariah and student volunteers such as Todd. Its first appearance is in the "Pilot".


Season One[]

Notable appearances:

  • "Pilot": The study group meets in Group Study Room F for the first time. After kicking Jeff out of the group, they find him later on the steps of the library where they invite him back.
  • "Spanish 101": A protest organized by Annie and Shirley is organized outside the library.
  • "The Art of Discourse": While at the library's independent study cubicles, Pierce and Shirley resolve the conflict between them.
  • "Modern Warfare": The building, and in particular Group Study Room F, is trashed during the annual game of paintball assassin.

Season Two[]

Notable appearances:

Season Three[]

Tour of the library[]

The library has several study rooms including the study group's meeting area Group Study Room F. Among the rows of bookcases, there's an area of small cubicles and desks available for individual studies. Outside the library, tables, benches, and vending machines can be found. The library's back entrance is in front of Borchert Hall.


Continuity errors[]

In "Spanish 101" it's shown that the "Guzman hallway" outside the Spanish classroom leads to a side entrance to the library. Later in the season in the episode "Basic Genealogy", the same hallway leading to the library from the Spanish classroom is noticeably cosmetically different and is named the "Goldman hallway" instead.

Production notes[]

The backdoor to the library is actually the exterior of Stage 30 and 31 at Paramount Studios where Community was originally filmed. The building shown in outside shots representing the front of the library is found on the real life campus of Los Angeles City College. This location is used for the majority of exterior shots of Greendale Community College.