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Linda Greene
First appearance: "Romantic Expressionism"
Last appearance: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Home town: WHEAT RIDGE, CO
Occupation: STUDENT


— Linda Greene, "Pascal's Triangle Revisited".

GSCT Linda
Linda portrayed by Meggie McFadden.
Linda Green is a student at Greendale Community College and a part of its resident College sketch comedy group the "The Greendale Gooffaws". As the only female member, she is always called upon to perform as the women in all the skits they perform. Linda's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Romantic Expressionism". She is portrayed by comedian/actress Meggie McFadden.

Character history[]

Season One[]

Linda and the rest of the Greendale Gooffaws were hired by Pierce to write jokes mocking a Kickpuncher movie he was going to watch with his friends. She proposed a gay joke which became the first idea that Pierce liked. Pierce partially overheard her when she covertly suggested her troup keep writing gay jokes. Linda covered by saying they write "great jokes" ("Romantic Expressionism"). At the end of the year, she was seen attending the school's Tranny Dance. When Britta and Michelle Slater publicly declared their love for Jeff, the crowd gave their opinion of who he should choose. Linda stepped forward and loudly proclaimed her support for "Team Britta". She was annoyed by Star-Burns when, instead of stating his opinion on the matter at hand, he took the opportunity to say they should bring Conan O'Brien back. ("Pascal's Triangle Revisited")

S01E15-Linda Green we write great jokes
Linda and Mark pitching jokes to Pierce.

Season Two[]

The following semester she appeared alongside Derrick and Mark Millot of the Greendale Gooffaws participating in a quickie wedding Abed arranged for Jeff and Britta in the study room. ("Anthropology 101")

S02E01-Wedding-Jeff Britta Linda Greene
Linda watching the disaster.

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, she supported Troy in trying to create the world's largest blanket fort. She and her fellow citizens of Blanketsburg helped defend its construction when they collided with Abed and his Pillow fort project. ("Digital Exploration of Interior Design")

3x13-Mark Troy Linda standoff
Team Troy.