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"L Street?" More like "Douche Street"!
Britta, "Mixology Certification".

A number of locations are mentioned on "Community" but make little, if any, actual appearances on the show despite being referenced a few times by the characters. The following is a list of these minor locations along with their first introduction, a brief description of the place's purpose, relation to the characters and other mentions.

List of locations[]

Andre's Stereo Store[]

Shirley's husband Andre Bennett runs an audio electronics shop which is struggling to remain profitable.

Britta's apartment[]

Britta's residence. She has mentioned she has several cats which live with her.
  • Introduced: "Anthropology 101": Britta's bedroom can be briefly seen in the opening montage.
A101 Britta's room2

Chump's Rusty Bucket[]

A bar that school board members Carl Bladt and Richie Countee frequent. Note: Community creator Dan Harmon said in an interview that this was a shout out to a real life bar located in his home state of Wisconsin.

Dean Pelton's apartment[]

During the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Dean Pelton moves into a new apartment across the hallway from Jeff's. He had hinted that during his two months of captivity at the hands of Ben Chang and his security force that no-one had paid his rent and it's assumed he lost his apartment.
  • Introduced: "History 101"
    • Pelton lets Jeff know he has moved into the apartment nearby and hints that he will be seeing a lot if him from now on.
  • Other mentions: "Intro to Knots"
    • It was revealed that the Dean had been keeping a basket of kittens as presents for the Study Group and Ben Chang/Kevin inside his new home. He later brought them over to their Christmas get-together at Jeff's.
S04E01-Dean entering condo

Felafel Restaurant[]

Restaurant owned by Gubi Nadir, the father of Abed. He had intended his son to take over the restaurant and sent him to school to learn business classes to help him run it.

  • Introduced: "Introduction to Film": Abed mentions how his father expects him to take only classes related to running a restaurant and not the Filmmaking classes he wants to take.
  • Other mentions: "Contemporary American Poultry": Jeff chooses Abed to replace Star-Burns as fry cook in the Cafeteria since he has experience working in his father's restaurant.

Flanahan's Hole[]

A bar that Jeff and Britta originally agreed to take Troy for his 21st birthday as a compromise as they considered it the least offensive establishment. Jeff later found out it was out of business. Britta felt it was because they tried to please everyone.

Greendale Campus Radio[]

Located inside Greendale Community College, KQZY 98.6 FM is the college's radio station. It appears "Albert" runs the station, it broadcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and, students can submit tapes to audition as a DJ. Neil is one of the DJs and broadcasts the song "Daybreak" during the war between "Blanketsburg" and "Pillowtown". Flyers for the station can been seen often on bulletin boards around the school.
Real Neil with pipes of steel

Jeff's Condo[]

Jeff's bachelor pad which he lived in while he was a lawyer. He is evicted and for a time forced to live with Abed in his dorm room. Britta steals back his expensive hand crafted Italian faucet heads which motivates Jeff to move into a much smaller and more affordable apartment.

The Love Hut[]

Located inside the Greendale Mall, this lingerie store is where Shirley purchased a special outfit for her anniversary with her husband Andre back in 2008. He ends up cheating on her and she discards the lingerie which is found by Dean Pelton.
S04E12-The Love Hut

Morty's Steakhouse[]

Jeff booked a table at this before he started his studies at Greendale. He made the "unmovable appointment" for May 23rd, 2013, the future date he assumed was when he would graduate from school.

  • Introduced: "English as a Second Language".
    • In Season One, Jeff mentions Morty's to Annie to prove he has completely planned out his schedule at Greendale and his no extra time for any other classes.
  • Other mentionsJeff's Twitter account.
    • After graduating in the Season Four episode "Advanced Introduction to Finality", Jeff goes on his twitter account and invites all the study group members to another restaurant to celebrate. It turns out Morty's had closed down after being "sued out of existence". Jeff attempted to get the others to join him at "L Street" bar but they insisted they go to "Señor Kevin's instead.

Pencils and Such[]

A school supply store located inside the school cafeteria. It can be seen in various episodes in the background.
2X5 Pierce meets the Hipsters

Planet Greendalia[]

Planet Greendalia was a fictional place from Troy, Abed and Annie's shadow puppet show. In the story, Princess Annie & Troyborg safely travelled here on Horsebot 3000 and helped defeat King Blorgon and restore peace to Greendalia. Horsebot 3000 was killed by King Blorgon here.

The Red Door / L Street[]

A bar frequented by Jeff and Britta. It's actual name is unknown but Jeff calls it "L Street" and Britta refers to it as "The Red Door". Both unwittingly agree it's the best bar in town unaware they are talking about the same establishment. Troy later learns it is located on L Street and its entrance is a red door hence the two different names given to him by Jeff and Britta.

Secret Garden[]

A topiary hangout hidden on the campus grounds established by a groundskeeper named Joshua. It's purpose was a to be a "place free of darkness". It had a Trampoline which bestowed serenity on all who used it. Troy and Jeff discovered this paradise only to have Pierce ruin the experience for everyone involved.
Bouncy bouncy

Shirley's Church[]

Shirley often mentions her church whenever she starts sermonizing to the rest of the study group. She once got Abed to shoot a viral video for her congregation.


A bar frequented by school administrators Carl Bladt and Richie Countee and known for their yard long margaritas. The study group also went there once after being invited by Gilbert Lawson. Note: Skeepers is a reference to bar in Ann Arbor called "Scorekeepers". This was confirmed by Community writer Megan Ganz on her Twitter account.

Silvio's Barber Shop[]

Jeff agrees to go to Pierce's favorite barber shop in order to keep Pierce away from an activity at Greendale. Silvio's is an Italian, classic, old-style barber shop complete with old National Geographic magazines. Music from the 1950's is played, shaves are given with hand-whipped shaving cream and straight razors. Brandy is served after shaves. To his surprise, Jeff finds he enjoys his time there.
4X7 Shave

Uncle Rusty's[]

A popular burger joint that Shirley and Pierce once made a pilgrimage to which was reported on in a story published in the The Gazette Journal Mirror.
S02E09-Pierce and Shirley Uncle Rustys