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Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles City College    OFF CAMPUS
Purpose : Institute of higher learning — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Pilot"

Visitors: LACC students and faculty


We shot at Los Angeles City College for the first time in years. We've shot in natural daylight on the show. Daylight has hit my face while shooting Community, which is like a real rarity.
Gillian Jacobs, TV Insider

Los Angeles City College sign
Los Angeles City College is a public community college located in East Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. A part of the Los Angeles Community College District, it is located on Vermont Avenue south of Santa Monica Boulevard. The campus has a distinctive Italian Romanesque look which has appeared on several TV shows. In 2009 "Community" began filming there as the exterior for several key locations of the fictional campus of "Greendale Community College". It's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Pilot".

Notable appearances[]

Season One[]

  • "Pilot": The opening scene features the main characters around the campus.
  • "Spanish 101": The opening scene shows Jeff driving onto the college's parking lot.
  • "Introduction to Film": In this episode, Jeff tries to impress Eustice Whitman by staging an elaborate "Seize the day" moment on the campus quad.
  • "Advanced Criminal Law": A view of the quad from the library steps is seen at the opening of the episode.
  • "Home Economics": An outdoor concert is held on the campus quad.
  • "The Politics of Human Sexuality": The outside of the cafeteria is shown twice; when the STD fair is being setup and when Abed is asked by Pelton to make an announcement on the P.A. system.
  • "Comparative Religion": The campus quad is seen again, this time decorated for the winter Holliday. The study group and Mike's gang get into a brawl on the quad later in the episode.
  • "Modern Warfare": The paintball wrecked campus quad is featured several times in this episode.

Season Six[]

  • "Ladders": During the opening scene with Dean's announcement over the school's Public address system various characters were filmed on the LACC campus. Towards the end of the episode the campus is shown again with the students partying after the prohibition ban is lifted.

Campus tour[]

Campus map[]

LACC map
LACC map
Greendale campus map edited-1
The Greendale map is based on the LACC campus

Notable locations[]

Three particular buildings and locations from the LACC campus have been prominently featured on "Community". They were used as the Library and outside views of the campus quad. Other exterior shots on the show were usually shot around the Paramount lot during Seasons One through Five until production moved to the CBS Studio Center Stage 14 lot.


Filming concerns[]

According to an interview Community creator Dan Harmon had in 2009 with a NBC affiliate a LACC official was concerned about how community college would be portrayed onscreen:

We assured him, if anything, this is going to be a commercial for community college in general because this is a place where you can do anything and be anything," he said. "The flawed characters are coming into it and becoming unflawed by being in this place because it's been underestimated by the system around it.Dan Harmon