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Ludwig Goransson
Ludwig Göransson
Birth date: September 1, 1984
Home town: Linköping, Östergötlands län, Sweden
Occupation: Musician, Composer, Music producer
Also known for: "New Girl", "Happy Endings"
Work on Community
Title: Composer
Active on Community: 2009-present

My goal on Community is to really support the dialog. At this point, I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s in my system.
— Ludwig Göransson


Ludwig Göransson is a Swedish composer born on September 1st in 1984. He started studying music at a young age having been introduced to it by his father who was a musician. He cites having heard the heavy metal sounds of Metallica as being the inspiration for him fully embracing his musical lessons. In high school he later began to explore other genres particularly Jazz and a little bit of Classical music. After finishing college he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career scoring music for films. He got a job as an assistant to a film composer where he worked for two years. Through the composer's connections Ludwig got his first gig as a composer himself on "Community". He is currently working on two other shows; the ABC's sitcom "Happy Endings", and the Fox sitcom "New Girl". He also has collaborated with Community star Donald Glover on the Childish Gambino album Camp. He recently released a free EP How to Find a Party on his website under the pseudonym Ludovin. He is a member of the performance rights organization B.M.I for and names Kurt Rosenwinkle, the jazz guitarist, as one of his biggest influences.

Songs composed on CommunityEdit

Göransson has composed most of the background music heard on the show and has also created full songs such as "Annie's song" and "If I Die Before You". Below are a few samples of his work on the show:

Community Medley - background tracks
Community Medley - Ludwig Göransson

Community Medley - Ludwig Göransson

Greendale Is Where I Belong
Ludwig Göransson- Greendale Is Where I Belong (Extended) Community

Ludwig Göransson- Greendale Is Where I Belong (Extended) Community

Running Though Raining
Running Though Raining - Ludwig Göransson Full Song

Running Though Raining - Ludwig Göransson Full Song

Episode 119 Medley - "Modern Warfare"
Episode 119 Medley - Ludwig Göransson

Episode 119 Medley - Ludwig Göransson

More of his Community music can be found on Ludwigs Youtube channel found here.

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