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Luis Guzman
First appearance: "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux".
Date of birth: August 28, 1956
Home town: Cayey, Puerto Rico, U.S.
Occupation: ACTOR


Worship this place! It changes peoples lives! Look, I loved my time here, I got laid like crazy - and that's before "Boogie Nights"!
— Luis Guzmán, "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux".

Luis Guzmán is a well-known Puerto Rican American character actor who is (within the context of the show) an alumnus of Greendale Community College. Due to his fame he was not only honored by the school by having a building named after him but also with a statue dedicated to him. His connection to Greendale was first mentioned in the Season One episode "Advanced Criminal Law" and his first actual appearance on the show was in the Season Three episode "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux". He is portrayed by himself.

Character history[]

Season One[]

During Craig Pelton's tenure as Dean of Greendale Community College he would often try to improve the school's reputation. Among the various plans he came up with was to take advantage of a famous celebrity who used to attend the college, actor Luis Guzmán. In the 2009 semester at Greendale, Dean Pelton made an announcement on the public address system for the dedication ceremony of the Luis Guzman statue to take place on the campus quad. The actor himself would eventually return to the school years later during the 2011 semester at Greendale. At the time Dean Pelton was filming a new commercial for the college and student Jeff Winger tried to put a stop to the production. He told Luis Guzmán's lawyers that his image (in the form of the statue dedicated to him) was being used illegally for the shoot.

Guzman statue
The unveiling.

Season Three[]

It had the opposite effect of what Jeff intended as Luis Guzmán called Dean Pelton personally believing him to be his predecessor Dean Carlton. He let Pelton know that he was interested in appearing in the commercial. Luis Guzmán arrived a few weeks later only to find the school deserted. While walking the campus he was shocked to find the Guzman statue on the quad. He made his way to the administrations building where he ran into Dean Pelton. Student Abed Nadir was there as well filming a behind the scenes documentary of the commercial. Pelton ushered Luis to his office where he watched footage of the commercial. Put off by the overproduced mess he was presented, Luis took back his offer to participate. He was later interviewed by Abed and implored him to help Dean Pelton who he believed had lost his mind.

S03E08-Guzman meets Guzman
Guzmán meets Guzmán.
They were interrupted by Pelton who was angered that Guzmán would work on Abed's pet project but won't do the commercial. After Pelton insulted Luis for wanting to stick to the original script, the star realized what's been driving the Dean's artistic madness: he is secretly ashamed of the school. Luis told him that he loved his time at the school but it's not him or other graduates that Pelton should be idolizing. It's the people who are here now along with the school itself which he should be paying homage to. He adds that Greendale is a special place that changes people's lives and the Dean's actions have shown him to be unworthy of the school. Luis then left the campus as Pelton considers what he just told him ("Documentary Filmmaking: Redux").

S03E08-Guzman worse than crazy
You're worse than crazy.