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Luis Guzman statue

  Luis Guzman statue  
First appearance: Advanced Criminal LawOwned by: Greendale — Used by: Free to the public
Purpose: Monument dedicated to a famous Greendale alumnus— Made by: unknown   PHOTO ICON

"This your Dean reminding you that among your prestigious alumni is Mr. Luis Guzman, celebrated actor and model Puerto Rican-American...
— Dean Pelton, "Advanced Criminal Law".

Luis Guzman statue edited-1
Close up of the statue.
The Luis Guzman statue is another example of Dean Pelton's ongoing effort to make Greendale seem more prestigious than it actually is. This bronze representation of the moderately famous comedic character actor Luis Guzman has been prominently featured in many episodes, usually during an exterior shot of the school's campus. The statue was officially unveiled in the Season One episode "Advanced Criminal Law". However, it was first seen previously in "Social Psychology" due to the episodes being aired out of order. Its last appearance was in the Season Three episode "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux".


Season One[]

"Social Psychology": The statue is seen in the background as Jeff walks by it at the end of the episode. This is before the statue is unveiled in the next episode.

"Advanced Criminal Law": Dean Pelton throws a big ceremony for the unveiling of the statue.

"Communication Studies": It is seen briefly in the opening decorated for Valentine's Day wearing boxer shorts with hearts on them.

"The Science of Illusion": Seen briefly when Shirley is patting down Jeff.

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited": When Jeff is making his way across campus; it can be seen under a large banner announcing the 2010 Transfer Dance.

Season Two[]

"Anthropology 101": The statue can be seen in the season premiere when the various members of the group arrive for the first day of classes at Greendale.

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas": The statue appears in stop motion animated form while Abed is singing.

"For A Few Paintballs More": During the paintball war between City College and Greendale, enemy paintball troopers are seen pulling the statue down.

Season Three[]

In episode "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux", Luis Guzman visits the school to film a commercial for Greendale and sees his statue for the first time. He later tells Dean Pelton how displeased he is with it. The dean assumes he finds the sculpture's figure unflattering and suggests the bronze adds ten pounds. Luis tells him it's the students that are here now that matter, not him or any other alumni who have moved on from the school.

It's like looking at a mirror
It's like looking in a mirror.


On the DVD commentaries of Community The Complete Third Season for the episode "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux", show creator Dan Harmon explained the history behind the Luis Guzman statue. He was looking to have a celebrity be an alumnus for Greendale. It was supposed to be part of a recurring theme of how desperate the school was to have any kind of prestige. Harmon's first choice was Mark Hamill from "Star Wars". Harmon asked Hamill if they could use his likeness on the statue. Hamill sent him a personal letter politely declining Harmon's request stating his awareness that the gag is a jab at his current status in Hollywood. Harmon ended up going with noted character actor Luis Guzman instead.