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Student ID
Portrayed by: Enver Gjokaj
First appearance: "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy"
Date of birth: Unknown
Major: Undecided


I miss cleansing the fields and forests from the unclean people who stole my country. I miss the smell of the villages burning...[laughs]... I miss the way they used to run from our tanks in fear!
— Lukka, "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy".

Lukka portrayed by Enver Gjokaj.
Lukka was a foreign student at Greendale who caught the attention of Britta. Lukka was a gaming buddy of Troy and Abed's who had remarkable skills at first person shooters. He had a very brief relationship with her, which ended suddenly after she made a shocking discovery about his past. His only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy". He is portrayed by actor Enver Gjokaj.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Troy became friends with Lukka, an expatriate from the Balkans who attended the same history class. He quickly formed a bond with both Troy and Abed due to his expertise at FPS video games. Britta noticed him when he was hanging out with the duo outside the study room. She later asked them about Lukka while they were attending Shirley's baby shower. Although Troy and Abed went on about what a great guy he was, they also made it clear to her that they didn't want her to "bone"" him. Jeff sarcastically commented that by saying that they just ensured she would be doing just that.

2x18-Troy Lukka Abed
Bang bang you're dead!

The next day in Abed's dorm room, Lukka was there with the pair playing a video game. He offered some advice to Abed and suggested he switch over to a grenade launcher instead of using a 9mm on his opponent. As the trio celebrated their victory, Britta showed up. Although Troy and Abed told her to immediately leave, Lukka chastised them for their rudeness and invited her inside. After introducing himself, Britta did the same. Upon hearing her name, Lukka likened it to "Brittany Spears". Britta then decided to flirt by badly impersonating the singer, unaware she was doing a mash up of the hit single "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and Christina Aguilera's song "Genie's Bottle". Lukka then announced he had to leave, as he was cooking a special Balkan delicacy for dinner tonight. Britta seized the opportunity and declared she never tried that type of food. Lukka then offered to cook it for her.

She accepted, and this exchange elicited groans from Troy and Abed and Lukka assumed they were her boyfriends from their reaction. The duo groaned again at the thought, which prompted Lukka to laugh amused by the funny sounds they make. Britta gave Lukka her number so they could meet later, and after he left Troy and Abed stared at her expressing their disapproval. They ignored her feigned innocence at the not-so-subtle manipulation and pleaded with her not to ruin Lukka for them. Troy and Abed explained that she dates guys they think are cool but when she is dumps them she tells them horrible things about them. They list off the names of these boyfriends including Jeff, who she told them about his love of nipple play. Abed tries to bribe her with a personalized sweatshirt he made in honor of their paintball adventure but she refuses to listen to them.

This guy.
Later that night, Lukka is making out with Britta in his apartment when she stops. Worried about what Troy and Abed had told her, she asks Lukka to keep their rendezvous a secret from them. Lukka tells her he can keep a secret as there were many things from his time in his homeland that he had to never reveal. Britta is sympathetic and offers to help him deal with his traumatic past. Lukka then starts to describe in great detail the bloody atrocities he saw in his homeland and the fact that he missed taking part in them. Britta starts making out with him again before realizing what he said and asks him to clarify hoping she had misheard him. Lukka then goes on at length about how he burned down villages and made the "unclean people" run from his tank in fear. Lukka's musings are interrupted when his jazz musician neighbor plays his trombone. Lukka knocks on the wall, angry that the noise spoiled the mood while Britta silently processes the revelation that her new boyfriend is a killer.

2x18-Lukka Britta
I sense pain.
The next day in Abed's dorm room, Lukka is again playing a video game with Troy and Abed. Britta shows up, pretending she needed to get back something that Abed borrowed from her. As they play, Britta tries to get Lukka to reveal his past by asking how he got so good at such a violent game. Troy cuts her off believing that she is flirting with Lukka while at the same time praising him for his cutthroat and merciless gameplay. Britta turns to go when Lukka notices that Abed has a copy of "Kickpuncher 3: The Final Kickening". He asks to borrow it but Abed refuses due to a strict rule he has against lending out his DVD's after a bad experience he had with Pierce. Britta asks what would happen if someone broke that policy and Abed claims that person would be "dead to him forever". Britta starts to slowly formulate a plan and acts weird when Abed asks her to leave. After she goes, the mood is ruined and Troy and Abed no longer feel like playing. Lukka comments on Britta's odd behavior and notes that "She is strange".

2x18-Lukka Britta Kickpuncher III
Lukka examines the DVD blu-ray disc.

Soon afterwards, Britta attempted to frame Lukka for taking the "Kickpuncher" DVD without Abed's permission. She hadn't counted on Abed having a hidden video camera which captured her taking the DVD. When she was confronted by Troy and Abed, she tried to convince them it was for their own good as Lukka was dangerous. She tried to explain he was a war criminal but the two refused to listen to her. Later, an apologetic Troy and Abed approached Britta in the study room, having learned the truth. They had asked Lukka about his experience in the army and were horrified when he recounted the many atrocities he was responsible for. They both admitted they were too hard on Britta and regretted that their treatment of her led to this situation. They agreed to ease up on her as long as she refrains from providing any intimate details about her boyfriends (barring any genocidal tendencies or if they are left-handed).


Please! In my country we give 9mm to little girl for sweet sixteen! Try grenade launcher.Lukka offering video game advice to Abed
Cool.Abed switches to grenade launcher and easily takes out opponent
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!Lukka approves the carnage and snaps his fingers
So much killing...the corpses staked like firewood, the rivers red with their blood...I miss it so much.Lukka
Just to clarify – you miss being back over there defending the motherland, right?Britta