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Cafeteria server
Portrayed by: SARAH VAN HORN
First appearance: "Contemporary American Poultry"
Last appearance: "Anthropology 101"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Position: SERVER


Sorry, looks like your food just walked out on you.
— Lunch Lady, "Anthropology 101".

Simply known as the Lunch Lady or Female Server, this cafeteria worker was introduced in the study group's first year together at Greendale. She had undergone throat surgery at one point and was unable to speak for a time. Her first appearance was in the Season One episode "Contemporary American Poultry". Her last appearance was in the Season Two episode "Anthropology 101". She is portrayed by actress Sarah Van Horn.

Character history[]

Season One[]

During the study group's freshmen year together at Greendale, a Chicken Finger shortage was occurring in the cafeteria. Upset at being denied the popular culinary delight, Pierce took his anger out on the Lunch Lady who was unable to respond. He demanded an apology for the lack of chicken fingers and then insulted her by calling her a  "mute idiot". The lunch lady then handed him a card which stated that she just had throat surgery. Although a bit contrite, Pierce was unapologetic considering the situation still unacceptable. Later, Star-Burns is fired as the cafeteria fry cook because he was skimming chicken fingers for his friends. The Lunch Lady is shown posting a help wanted poster for the now open position. Shirley immediately took down the poster in order to help Abed secure the job ("Contemporary American Poultry").

S01E21-Lunch Lady hanging flyer
Hanging the "Fry Cook Wanted" flyer.


Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at school, Britta becomes a minor celebrity on campus due to her declaration of love for Jeff at last year's Tranny Dance. She has a number of female fans among the students and staff at school including the Lunch Lady. When Jeff was in the cafeteria lunch line, he asked the lunch lady for some macaroni and cheese. In response, she quickly covered the food and in a sarcastic tone mockingly told him that his food just walked out the door. Another female fan of Britta also in line followed up that statement by saying the food left just like Jeff left Britta at the Tranny Dance. The lunch lady and the other Britta fans then began laughing at Jeff ("Anthropology 101").

S02E01-Lunch Lady
Sorry, looks like your food just walked out on you.