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Madame LeClair
Madame LeClair
First appearance: "Interpretive Dance"
Date of birth: Unknown
Occupation: Dance instructor
Department: Music, Theatre and Dance
Position: Modern Dance teacher


Play something modern!
— Madame LeClair, "Interpretive Dance".

Madame LeClair
Madame LeClair.
Madame LeClair is the dance instructor at Greendale Community College". Troy and Britta both took dance classes with her as the instructor. She praised Troy believing he had real talent. Madame LeClair's first and only appearance was in the Season One episode "Interpretive Dance". She is portrayed by veteran actress/comedian Twink Caplan.

Character history[]

In the study group's first year together at Greendale, Troy and Britta both began to take dance classes under the school dance instructor Madame LeClair. Troy, on advisement from his football coach, was taking her Modern Dance to improve his coordination. Britta was taking LeClair's tap dance classes as it had always been something she always wanted to do. LeClair considered Troy to be quite talented and complimented his skill in front of the class. Both he and Britta had been invited by her to take part in the upcoming recital. Troy declined as he felt embarrassment taking a dance class despite his enjoyment of it. The night of the recital, Britta was tap danicng in a teapot costume; she was to "water" her fellow performers who were dressed as a flowers.

Madame LeClair and her class
Madame LeClair and her class.
Unfortunately, she froze when she got to the last "flower" after seeing Jeff and Michelle Slater holding hands in the audience. Observing from the wings, LeClair tried to direct her to water the last "flower" but Britta didn't respond. Troy, who had also been watching the recital backstage, decided to intervene. He jumped onto the stage and guided a dazed Britta into "watering" the flower who quickly exited. LeClair decided to try and salvage the performance by asking the piano player to change the music. Troy took the cue and after Britta shook off her stupor they improvised an impromtu dance that impressed the crowd ("Interpretive Dance").

Madame LeClair instructions
"Psst! Britta!"

Madame LeClair instructions 2.jpg

Play something modern
"Play something modern!"