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Portrayed by: JOE LO TRUGLIO
First appearance: "Heroic Origins"
Last appearance: "Advanced Introduction to Finality"
Occupation: LAWYER
Reason for visit: OFFER JEFF WINGER A JOB


Hey, get out of my chair or I'll have you disbarred. Oh wait, that already happened.
— Mark, "Advanced Introduction to Finality".

Mark portrayed by Joe Lo Troglio.
Mark was a former colleague of Jeff's from the law firm of Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin. He was forced to deliver the unfortunate news to Jeff that the law firm was firing him due to his falsified credentials. Four years later, Mark has set up his own law firm and was looking to hire Jeff after he graduated from Greendale and became a real lawyer again. His first appearance was in the Season Four episode "Heroic Origins". He is portrayed by comedian/actor Joe Lo Truglio.

Character history[]

Before the study group formed, Jeff was still an attorney and a rising star in the law firm of Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin along with his fellow associate and partner Mark. They made such a good team Jeff and him were called "Tango and Cash" respectively by their colleagues. Mark was on hand to congratulate Jeff after he single-handedly won the most high profile case of his career. It involved a stripper named Mysti who was guilty of owing back taxes to the government. Mark praised Jeff for the unique defense he came up with which allowed Mysti to claim her stripping as not for profit performance art. He was also there to witness the arrival of an all female anarchist group showing their thanks to Jeff for winning the case.

Mark and Jeff encounter an enthusiastic supporter
Mark and Jeff encounter an enthusiastic supporter.
Afterwards as Jeff was still celebrating his win at a restaurant with Mysti, Mark interrupted and asked to speak with him privately. After Mysti left to go use the bathroom, Mark had to personally deliver some bad news to Jeff. Someone anonymously sent an e-mail to the Colorado bar trying to disparage his reputation. The rumor was that Jeff had faked his law credentials and never received his undergraduate degree. Mark correctly guessed it was a colleague from the firm jealous of Jeff's success. Until this was settled the state bar wasn't going to allow Jeff to practice law. Mark assured Jeff it would blow over soon completely unaware that the information was actually correct. Once the truth came out Jeff was disbarred and terminated from the firm ("Heroic Origins").

Mark delivers the bad news to Jeff
Mark delivers the bad news to Jeff.
Over 4 years later, Mark left Hamish, Hamish and Hamlin and decided to start his own firm. At the same time he heard that Jeff was on the verge of graduating from Greendale and obtaining a legit degree. Mark contacted him and the two met up in his new office. After exchanging pleasantries, Mark was direct and made Jeff a very lucrative job offer; full partnership, a six figure salary, his own corner office, and 3 secretaries. Jeff was hesitant feeling he had been out of the game too long and uncertain of his abilities. Mark reassured him that he wouldn't be offering him the job if he didn't believe he was worth it. He told Jeff to make things easy and just accept the job. Although still unsure, Jeff shook Mark's hand anyway agreeing to be a part of his new firm. However, Jeff would later change his mind after having a vivid daydream and ultimately declined Mark's offer deciding to start pursue a more crusading approach to his new law career ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

Mark makes Jeff an offer he can't refuse
Mark makes Jeff an offer he can't refuse.


Comedian Joe Lo Truglio's appearance as "Mark" on "Community" briefly pairs him up onscreen with comedienne Natasha Leggero ("Mysti") with whom he has collaborated with before. Their previous projects include two online web series "Burning Love" and "Escape My Life". They also costarred on the short lived NBC show "Free Agents".

Joe and Natasha
Joe and Natasha.


link to promotional clip from "Introduction to Finality"