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Mark Millot close up
Portrayed by: D.C. PIERSON
First appearance: "Investigative Journalism"
Last appearance: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Occupation: STUDENT


Wouldn't you rather just watch a movie with your friends and have a good time?
— Mark Millot, "Romantic Expressionism".

Mark Millot
Mark portrayed by D.C. Pierson.
Mark Millot is a student at Greendale. He is a member of the school's sketch comedy group "The Greendale Gooffaws" as well as a reporter for the Greendale Gazette Journal Mirror. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Investigative Journalism". Millot's personal page on the "Greendale Connect" can be found here. Portrayed by actor/comedian D.C. Pierson.

Character history[]

Season One[]

In the 2009 fall semester at Greendale, Mark is seen working at the office of the school newspaper the Greendale Gazette Journal Mirror. Along with the rest of the staff he greets their new editor-in-chief Jeff Winger. He attempts to submit a story about the school's new water heater but Jeff asks him to abandon that story and instead focus on a new article about the local pizzerias. Jeff suggests that he try to figure out who has the best slice in town and asks him to order a large with sausage from "Big Nick's" ("Investigative Journalism"). Later in the school year he and his fellow sketch comedy performers, The Greendale Gooffaws, are hired by Pierce to help him write jokes for Abed's movie night. Pierce ignores his advice to simply enjoy the movie instead of trying to prove to everyone that he is funny ("Romantic Expressionism").

S01E15-Linda Green we write great jokes
Linda Greene and Mark pitching jokes to Pierce.

Season Two[]

At the start of the 2010 fall semester at Greendale he is seen assisting Abed alongside fellow Greendale Goffaw members Derrick Bideos and Linda Greene in creating a makeshift wedding ceremony for Jeff and Britta ("Anthropology 101"). He is next seen flirting with Annie and contributing to her and Britta's oil spill fund raiser. Later, Annie and Britta a falling out which leads to a messy, oil covered catfight on the campus quad. Mark, along with Eric and another student watch on quickly joined by other male students. As the two ladies are going at it, Mark and the other male students encourage them by tossing dollar bills as they fight ("The Psychology of Letting Go").

S02E03-Mark and Eric at hottie spill
Mark and Eric Wisniewski at the Hottie Spill.

Season Three[]

In the 2012 Spring semester at Greendale, Mark joins Troy's group of students dedicated to setting a new record for world's largest Blanket fort. He is shown supporting Troy along with the other Blanket fort denizens when they have a showdown with the opposing Pillow fort group led by Abed ("Digital Exploration of Interior Design").

3x13-Mark Troy Linda standoff
Team Troy.


In real life D.C. Pierson is a founding member of "Derrick Comedy", an actual college sketch comedy group which includes all the actors featured on the show as members of the "The Greendale Gooffaws" as well as Donald Glover who portrays Troy Barnes. He appeared alongside Donald in the 2009 Derrick Comedy produced movie "Mystery Team" as the character Duncan Wheeler the boy genius.

DC Pierson was one of several actors associated with "Community" that was hired by former Executive producers Joe and Anthony Russo to appear in the 2014 film "Captain America:The Winter Soldier". He played an Apple support tech who tries to assist Captain America and Black Widow. Other Community alumni in the film included Danny Pudi (Abed), Aaron Himelstein (Jeremy Simmons) and director Joe Russo himself.