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Portrayed by: Steve Gutenberg
First appearance: "Intro to Recycled Cinema"
Occupation: Movie producer
Reason for visit: To produce and distribute a straight to video movie featuring internet sensation Ben Chang

I'll make some calls, we'll premiere this thing and I'll write this school a check.
— Maury, "Intro to Recycled Cinema"

Maury was a friend of Frankie Dart who happened to be a Hollywood film producer. She contacted him about distributing a movie for Greendale featuring unused film footage of Ben Chang who at the time became an Internet sensation. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the project which became know as "Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy". He assured the committee that the film would make the school a lot of money. His first appearance was the Season Six episode "Intro to Recycled Cinema". He is portrayed by actor Steve Gutenberg.

Character history[]

During the 2014 semester at Greendale, faculty member Ben Chang became an Internet star when a commercial he shot became viral. With his newfound popularity he left Greendale to pursue Hollywood roles that were being offered to him. Looking to capitalize on his celebrity, Maury was contacted by his old friend Frankie Dart. Although Maury left California due to health issues he was still involved in the film business. Frankie wanted him to help produce a movie featuring unused film footage of Ben Chang that was school property. Maury was intrigued by the project and met up with the Save Greendale Committee at student filmmaker Abed Nadir's apartment.

S06E08-The pitch
They like dinosaurs, aliens and anything Chris Pratt can join forces with!
Frankie introduced Maury to everyone and he assured them that they could make the school a very good profit from the endeavour. Abed remained skeptical since the footage of Chang he had as a seated police chief limited what they could do. Maury believed he should change the story entirely and offered a few suggestions. He suggested they change the setting to space, add a Chris Pratt hero type and dress it up with lots of CGI special effects. The others loved Maury's pitch and the groups enthusiasm managed to convince Abed to commit to the production. After production wrapped Maury was called to the school so he could see a rough cut of the film.

S06E08-The viewing
Glip-Glop is a spy?!
In the study room, Abed showed him what he put together on his laptop. Maury loved it and told them that he'd cut the school a check just as soon as they trim the film down by six minutes and have a premiere for it. Abed followed his request and screened the several changes were made to the final cut. Maury returned to school later for the film's debut inside the cafeteria. He enjoyed the second viewing just as much as the first and was thrilled with an additional scene that was added to end. He congratulated the cast only to get a call from his distributor that they were bankrupt and filing Chapter 11 ("Intro to Recycled Cinema").

S06E08-Maury at the premiere
Maury at the premiere.


Police Academy Reunion[]

On February 9, 2015, "Police Academy" actors Bobcat Goldwaite, Steve Gutenberg and Tim Kazurinsky reunited on the set of "Community". Gutenberg was filming the episode "Intro to Recycled Cinema" and Goldwaite was there to finish up post production work on the episode he had directed. Kazurinsky was in the area since at the time he was part of the touring company of the Broadway musical "Wicked". Steve Guttenberg posted a photo of him and his former cast mates together along with Joel McHale on his Twitter account.

Police Academy reunion
Zed, Mahoney and Sweetchuck with Joel McHale.