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Student ID
Portrayed by: Hilary Duff
First appearance: "Aerodynamics of Gender"
Date of birth: September 28, 1987
Home town: Greendale County
Major: bitch


Excuse me, I don't even know your peanut-headed ass.
— Meghan, "Aerodynamics of Gender".

Portrayed by Hilary Duff.
Meghan was a student at Greendale who was the leader of a pack of "mean girls" that had the school on edge due to their nasty dispositions and overall bitchiness. Her reign of terror came to an end when she ran into a certain member of the study group and was soundly defeated in a battle of trash talking. Her first and only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Aerodynamics of Gender". She is portrayed by Hilary Duff.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Shirley Annie and Britta enrolled in a women's studies course together. They wanted it to be an all girl thing away from the men of the study group but were unable to stop Abed from joining them. When they tried to avoid sitting next to him in the back row of the classroom they took seats up front and ran into Meghan. She and her mean girl sidekicks Jen and Tracy demanded their seats. Although Britta tried to object, Jen made a rude comment about her dark roots. Annie tried to defend her friend only to have Tracy make a catty remark about her mustache hairs. Wanting to take the high road, Shirley suggested to Annie and Britta that they voluntarily give up their seats. Meghan then snidely suggested that she hoped the high road they are leads to a salon.

Mean girls
They act like bitches.


Hilary Duff starred in the 2009 independent film "Stay Cool" along with Chevy Chase and Josh Holloway who would also later guest star on Community in the episode "A Fistful of Paintballs" as the mysterious The Black Rider.


Ah, you know what? We're all good people, so we will find seats elsewhere. It's called "The High Road".Shirley
Well, I hope it leads to a salon.Meghan
See, the rest of us feel ashamed of ourselves so we act like bitches to make ourselves feel better.Meghan