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Staff/Faculty ID
Portrayed by: Lauren Stamile
First appearance: "Introduction to Statistics"
Last appearance: "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"
Date of birth: The 1980's
Department: Mathematics and STATISTICS

I have to admit, this outfit is doing it for me. I may or may not have been deflowered by a junior rodeo champion.
— Michelle Slater, "Introduction to Statistics".


Professor Slater
Professor Slater.
Professor Michelle Slater, PhD. was a statistics professor at Greendale Community College. Her attractiveness, along with her intelligence and confidence, caught the attention of Jeff who had been attending her class. He decided to pursue her romantically and eventually managed to overcome her initial reluctance of dating a student. They dated exclusively for a time and it's hinted by Jeff that this was his first serious romantic relationship. Michelle Slater's first appearance was in the Season One the episode "Introduction to Statistics". She is portrayed by actress Lauren Stamile.

Character history[]

Early in the study group's first year at Greendale, Jeff gave up on pursuing Britta romantically and set his sights on another conquest, his statistics professor Michelle Slater. Although impressed with his bravado and charm she turned him down citing her personal rule to never date one of her students. Undeterred, he continued to flirt with her going so far as to crash a faculty Halloween party she was attending in the cafeteria. His efforts were hampered by the interruption of the study group who showed up asking for his help to deal with Annie's failing "Dia de los Muertos" party and Pierce tripping on acid. Michelle was at first entertained by the spectacle his friends were creating at the party until Dean Pelton pointed out that Shirley was vandalizing her car out in the parking lot. When Pierce showed up in a hallucinogenic state inappropriately feeling up party goers, Jeff ejected everyone from the festivities.

ITS Slater is flustered
Professor slim calves.
No longer amused, Michelle shot down another one of Jeff's passes causing him to be desperate enough to take advice from Ben Chang. Dispensing with his charm and swagger, he took an approach suggested by Chang and simply begged Michelle for a chance to be with her. He declared himself unworthy of her and made his desperation abundantly clear. Surprised and somewhat flattered by his seeming sincerity, she agreed to spend the night with him. Unfortunately, their plans came to a halt when they passed the Library as they were about to leave campus. Troy stopped them and pleaded with Jeff to help as a crazed Pierce had cleared out the study room where Annie's party was being held. Jeff resignedly called an end to his plans with Michelle, who was confused by his contradictory actions. As Jeff made his apologies, Michelle kissed him on the cheek and told him good night before she left ("Introduction to Statistics").

1x07-Dean Pelton Slater Britta Jeff unseemly
She IS pretty hot.
This wasn't the end of things between Slater and Jeff as it's revealed that sometime during Winter Break they had started seeing each other. They both agreed to keep the relationship a secret as Slater was worried about the inappropriateness of it (despite the fact that Jeff was no longer one of her students). Jeff also didn't want his friends to find out. However, it's revealed to the study group when they all witnessed a make-out session between the professor and Jeff in the library. Slater and Jeff ask them to keep it a secret but Pierce announced their affair on his Twitter account. Dean Pelton got wind of it and called them both into his office to discuss the matter. Michelle decided to come clean and admitted she was dating Jeff. However, Jeff found himself unwilling to define what it was they were doing together. Michelle was upset at his reticence and leaves the office disappointed with him.

ID Jeff and Slater
It's unofficial.
Jeff went to her office and apologized but expressed his concern over clarifying what it is they were to each other. He feared that discussing their feelings may make a future break up between them even messier. Slater replied that all relationships face that possibility but it shouldn't be used as an excuse not to try to make it work. Unwilling to deal with his inability to commit, she ended the conversation by telling him goodbye. Jeff was about to go but changed his mind and told her that he enjoyed whatever they were doing and doesn't care what they call it as long as they could continue doing it. Slater walked to her office door, seemingly gesturing that Jeff leave before she closed it as he attempted to go. Jeff grinned and she smiled back, indicating that she accepted his offer. They later appeared together at Britta's dance recital. During her tap dance routine on stage, Britta noticed them in the crowd holding hands and realized that the two had become serious ("Interpretive Dance").

Jeff and Slater holding hands
Taking the relationship to the next level.
Things go smoothly between them until Valentine's Day week celebration at the school. Jeff got a suggestive voice mail from a drunk Britta who became embarrassed and uncomfortable in his presence because of it. On Abed's suggestion, Jeff got drunk himself and sent his own voice mail message to Britta to restore the balance between them. While sending the message he mistakenly contacted Slater, believing her phone number to be Britta's. Later at the Valentine's Day dance Michelle was chaperoning, Jeff attempted to explain his actions. Although Michelle believed him to a certain extent, she was unconvinced he didn't harbor some feelings for Britta. Slater noted how he went to all that trouble to help Britta but in comparison was unwilling to go the extra mile for her in their relationship. Britta arrived at the dance and exonerated Jeff by playing a portion of the voicemail. In his drunken stupor, Jeff rambled about how happy he was with Slater and didn't want to screw it up. Michelle forgave him and and the two left the dance together ("Communication Studies").

CS Jeff and Slater
Get a room!
Not long afterwards during Greendale's Family Day event, Slater unceremoniously broke up with Jeff ("Basic Genealogy"). She immediately hooked up with a fellow teacher, leaving Jeff devastated. However sometime later at the end of the semester, Michelle went to Jeff and confessed she may have made a mistake. Slater admitted she got scared because things got serious between them and asked Jeff to consider taking her back since she missed him. She "accidentally" ran into Jeff later that day at a keg party being held in Abed's dorm room where she found him with Britta. The two women exchanged pleasantries, but the animosity between them was clear. An unspoken gauntlet was thrown down and both women decided to attend the end of the year Tranny Dance and battled it out over Jeff's affections. Throughout the night, both women flirted heavily with a very confused Jeff. Slater arrogantly believed she had the advantage having been intimate with him but learned from a drunk Ian Duncan that Britta had slept with Jeff recently.

PTR-Britta VS Slater
Cleanest face ever.
She went to confront Britta who had been nominated for the dance's "Tranny Queen" and was standing in line with the other contestants. Slater cattily said that Britta's tryst with Jeff was just "a pit stop to something real". Britta countered that Slater was the one who was used by Jeff. Britta suggest he had dated Slater to get over his unrequited feelings her. Britta then made an embarrassing mistake by prematurely accepting the Tranny Dance Queen award in front of everyone at the dance. With Britta humiliated, Slater made her move and kissed Jeff. Britta saw this and tried to one up her rival by using a live microphone to declare her love for Jeff to the shock of everyone in the room. Not to be upstaged, Slater quickly followed suit and loudly announced her love for Jeff as well. The crowd started heckling Jeff to choose between then but he found himself unable to respond much to everyone's annoyance. When a fight broke out between Ben Chang and Ian Duncan, Jeff took the opportunity to silently exit the dance. He and Michelle shared one last look before he went ("Pascal's Triangle Revisited").

PTR Slater makes her move
Team Slater?


  • Slater's disappearance from the show was briefly brought up in the Season Two episode "Intro to Political Science". During Troy and Abed's election coverage broadcast, a ticker at the bottom of the screen reads "Professor Slater still missing...". Britta had mentioned her by name earlier in the Season in the episode "Anthropology 101".
  • "Community" writer Andy Bobrow was asked on his twitter account about Slater's disappearance from the show and gave this response: @TaylahGinger we have definitely pitched ideas for her. But Dan (Harmon) never got excited about any of them. I don't think he was ever interested.
  • Ben Chang mentions Slater, when he mistakes Frankie Dart for her in the Season Six episode "Ladders".
  • She likes "Chubby hubby" ice cream and Law and Order.