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Troy, do you realize at midnight, you are turning 21? As in the legal drinking age?
Britta Perry

The study group is in the study room celebrating Troy's birthday. Because he is a Jehovah's Witness and cannot officially acknowledge the occasion, Annie and Abed have made the event compliant with his religion. As Troy is opening his presents, Annie relates some birthday trivia including the fact that Troy is represented by a Horse in the Chinese Zodiac since he was born in 1990; he corrects her saying he was born in 1989. Britta realizes that he has turned the legal drinking age which inspires Jeff. He suggests they celebrate at a bar, so that Troy can have his first drink as an adult. Jeff wants to go to L Street while Britta wants to go to The Red Door. Eventually they settle on going to "Flanahan's Hole" instead.

MC birthday cake
Jehovah's Witness compliant birthday cake.
As the ladies drive over to the bar in Shirley's car, Britta hands Annie a fake I.D. with the name Caroline Decker since she's still underage. Jeff calls Britta and informs her that the bar they chose close, so they'll all meet up at "The Ballroom". Shirley is apprehensive at learning the change in plans. Over in Jeff's Lexus, Troy is eager to learn more about the adult world. Jeff tells him that he is entering a new phase in his life, and that they are now peers and equals. They group arrives at the bar together and everyone, with the exception of Britta, is let in without any hassles. The bouncer immediately recognizes Shirley who threatens him to keep quiet.

MC Can't be too careful
Can't be too careful.
The group settles into their seats and Shirley notices a "wall of shame" depicting regular bar patrons located behind their booth. She sees her picture and quickly removes it. When a waitress takes their order, Annie tries out her new Southern accent as her fake I.D. states she is from Corpus Christi, Texas. The group splits up as Abed goes off to play an arcade game, and both Shirley and Annie decide to have a look around. Britta and Jeff ask Troy what his first drink will be. Troy mentions that his Uncle Carl passed away recently, and in his honor, he'd like to try his favorite drink, a Seven and Seven. Jeff and Britta both dismiss this choice as lame and insist that he choose something else.

MC Shirley the drunk
Shirley the drunk.
At the serving counter, Annie chats with the bartender and continues to try out her new persona. As he's playing the arcade game, Abed is complimented for his skill by another patron. He offers to buy Abed a drink after they learn they are both fans of the same TV shows. Meanwhile, Shirley is still removing pictures of herself that are all over the bar. Pierce finally arrives but has trouble getting through the entrance because he is unable to maneuver his wheelchair. Back at the table, Jeff and Britta start arguing about what drinks are the best. Troy does his best to follow their bantering before they are interrupted by Annie who drops off their drinks completely immersed in her new identity.

CW Pierce and his wheelchair
Pierce is physically unable to enter the bar.
Elsewhere, Abed is talking the bar patron's ear off about theories on the sci-fi show Farscape. The patron loses his patience and boldly propositions Abed who declines his offer. In response, the patron throws his drink in Abed's face. At the counter, Annie as Caroline is talking to the bartender and criticizing her friend Annie who has her life planned out for the next fifteen years. At the same time, Troy, Jeff, and Britta mock Shirley about her past experience at the bar having found photo of her that she missed. Humiliated, Shirley leaves only to find Pierce blocking the exit; he is unable to move because his motorized wheelchair lost all power. She reluctantly helps him after he pleads for assistance.

MC The secret is out
Jeff, Britta, and Troy mock Shirley's alcoholic past.
Troy goes up to the bar and asks for a Seven and Seven as it's almost time before he officially turns 21. He then looks around the bar and sees his friends in bad shape. Annie and Abed are both gloomily nursing their drinks as a drunk Britta and Jeff are still arguing about which bar is better. Troy decides to forgo his drink and collects his friends instead. He gets them all into Jeff's Lexus and begins to drive them home. Along the way, Britta points out the bar she originally wanted to go to called "'The Red Door" which Jeff points out is actually "L Street". They slowly come to the understanding that they've been arguing all night about the same bar.

MC The study group leaves the bar
The study group leaves the bar.
Troy slams on the brakes, bringing the car to a sudden stop. He snaps at them, furious that the two people he looked up to as examples of maturity are actually as clueless as he is. Annie asks to be dropped off first since she lives nearby. When they arrive, Troy escorts her to her apartment. Annie reflects on the events of the night and says that pretending to be someone else at the bar made her realize she's not sure who she is anymore. Troy tells her that he's gotten to know her pretty well over the last few years and reassures her that despite a few faults, she is a good person at heart.

MC Troy makes a startling revelation
Troy slams on the brakes after he makes a startling realization.
Back in the Lexus, Jeff and Britta are having a drunk make out session, ignoring Abed who is in the backseat with them. They both suddenly stop and agree that it was a mistake. Troy returns and apologizes to the pair for yelling at them. Abed spills the beans that they had just been making out. Troy admonishes Abed and tells him that no one likes a tattletale. Britta sincerely wishes Troy a happy birthday, and Jeff congratulates him, telling him that he is a man now. Troy smiles at the thought as he continues to drive them all home.

MC Drunken make out session
Drunken make out session with an audience of one.

End tag[]

Troy and Abed are trying to put as many t-shirts on Troy as possible with the last count being 157. Troy's cellphone rings, but he can't answer it because it's in his pants pocket which is now covered by layers of shirts.

2X10 end tag

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • That just happened:
  • History lesson:
    • Troy mentions his Uncle Carl who taught him how to play football.
    • Shirley's past alcoholic history is exposed which she refers to as a dark time in her life.
  • Googly eyes:
  • Identity crisis:
    • Continued from "Epidemiology", Troy struggles with who he is now and what he is becoming, wanting to be recognized as a mature adult by his peers.
    • Continued from "Pascal's Triangle Revisited", Annie tries out a new persona "Caroline Decker" which makes her realize how unhappy she is planning out every detail of her life.
  • Middle Eastern Magic 8 Ball: After Jeff states they are equals now, Troy asks him if he can drive his car. Jeff laughs at his request but Troy ends up getting his wish when he becomes the designated driver at the end of the night and uses Jeff's Lexus to drive everyone home.
  • School song: The song "Greendale is Where I Belong" plays during Troy and Annie's conversation outside her apartment.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
  • Familiar faces:
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:
  • School supplies: Pierce's wheelchair makes another appearance in this episode.
  • A sweet ride:
    • Jeff's Lexus appears in this episode and Troy ultimately drives it as the designated driver for the study group.
    • Shirley's Minivan is also featured when she drives Britta and Annie to the bar.
  • I'm gonna get a drink:
    • At the bar Jeff orders a Macallan neat.
    • At the bar Britta orders a vodka with four olives.
    • Troy wants to have a 7 and 7 drink as his first official alcoholic beverage in honor of his Uncle Carl.
    • Annie at first orders water, changes her mind and after finishing her soda decides to have a Screwdriver.
    • Abed nurses a beer while talking to a fellow sci-fi fan named Robert.
  • Sweet spread: Pierce destroys Troy's birthday cake while trying to cut himself a slice.

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Awww!:
    • When Troy says he wants to bathe in his manhood, Shirley and Annie coo but soon realize how gross that sounds.
    • When Troy tells the waitress that he's waiting until midnight to have a drink, Annie and Britta "Aww" at the gesture.
  • Catchphrase: "Duh Doy" is said by both Jeff and Britta when Troy calls them out for being as dumb as him.
  • Come sail away: Troy is touched by the message on his "Expulsion" cake.
  • Raging against the machine: Everybody groans when Britta begins to extol the cultural significance of Beirut.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
References to popular culture in this episode:

Meta references[]

List of Meta references
Meta references in this episode:
  • Everyone's a critic: When Jeff tells Britta that Flanahan's Hole is closed, she responds, "Well, that's what they get for trying to please everyone." This may be seen as the show's response to critics who say that Community doesn't appeal to a wide enough range of viewers.
  • IRL:
    • Donald Glover was a practicing Jehovah's Witness when he was growing up.
    • Dan Harmon is infamous for picking on Yvette Nicole Brown, who typically doesn't respond well to his jibes. Despite the fact that nothing could be further from the truth, he frequently calls her an alcoholic in DVD commentaries, convention panels and, generally, whenever he is recorded talking about the show. This episode is a payoff to that off-screen running joke.
  • Parody: The episode starts off mocking the TV convention of cutting into a scene with only the end of the "Happy Birthday" song being heard. The audience is supposed to assume that the entire song has been sung, but Pierce points out that the group only sang the last two words.


Deleted scene[]

While Jeff is driving Troy and Abed to Flanahan's Hole, Ben Chang calls him up and asks him where the party is. Jeff lies and says there is no party; he and the study group are studying for their finals. It's then revealed that Chang is calling from the study room which still has the remnants of Troy's birthday party that Annie and Abed organized. He tersely says goodbye to Jeff and helps himself to a piece of the birthday cake they left behind. After tasting it he notes that it's still fresh and angrily squeezes the cake in his hands.

2X10 Deleted scene Where the party at

Where the party at?

2X10 The birthday cake is still fresh



I was born in '89.Troy
Then you were born 21 years ago.Jeff
Which would make me 20, because everyone is 10 for two years...because fifth grade is hard for! HOW MANY LIES HAVE I BEEN LIVING?!Troy
Troy, you're entering the next chapter of your life. Sadly it's also the final chapter but it's also the longest and if you play it right, the best. You and I, we're just two guys now, peers...equals.Jeff
I just spent the last two years thinking that you guys knew more than me about life and I just found out that you guys are just as dumb as me.Troy
Yeah, duh-doy.Jeff
Let me help you.Shirley
I broke my legs, not my gender.Pierce
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