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New showrunners
Moses Port and David Gurascio
Occupation: Producers
Also known for: Aliens in America, Happy Endings
Work on Community
Title: Former Executive producers
Active on Community: 2012-2013

The easy part about it is that we’re fans of the show first and observed it from afar and thinking how did they get away with that? From that standpoint, we understand the show deeply and we love and we want it to keep being the wonderful thing that it is. Like no other show, the fans influence what happens on the screen.
— David Guarascio

Not long after Community had been renewed for a fourth season by NBC, Sony decided to remove Dan Harmon as showrunner and replaced him with Moses Port and David Guarascio. At the San Diego Comic Con convention on July 12, 2012, they addressed fans of the show- as well as the media- who had concerns about the upcoming season. They did their best to reassure everyone they wouldn't "screw up", noting that a number of writers (including Megan Ganz) would be returning, and that the show would remain a “weird, wonderful gem and that’s not going to change.” They are perhaps best known for their work on the 1990's sitcom "Just Shoot Me" and recently worked as executive producers on the ABC sitcom "Happy Endings". In the accompanying photo, David Guarascio is in the forefront with glasses; Moses Port is in the background.