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Mountain man
First appearance: "Intro to Felt Surrogacy"
Home town: the forest


I'm a touch psychic.
— Mountain Man, "Intro to Felt Surrogacy".

S04E09-Mountain man head shot
Mountain man portrayed by Jason Alexander.
Mountain man is a mysterious stranger that the study group encounters in the wilds of Colorado. A former alumni of Greendale, he had decided to live a much simpler life forsaking the trappings of the modern world (although it's implied by Jeff that he wears a wig). Mountain man's first and only appearance was in the Season Four episode "Intro to Felt Surrogacy". He is portrayed by actor Jason Alexander.

Character history[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, they decide to get out of the rut they felt they sank into at school by taking having an adventure off campus. However, the hot air balloon trip they decide to take together goes awry when the vehicle lifts off prematurely due to Pierce and Troy fiddling with the controls. The balloon takes off and drifts away ultimately crash landing into a forest. Struggling to get their bearings, the group is surprised by the sudden appearance of a Mountain man. The stranger deduces they are Greendale students due to a polo shirt Pierce was wearing embroidered with the school's name. He explains he used to go there himself before deciding to live in the forest and be free. Jeff isn't that surprised to see an alumnus of Greendale is a transient mountain man but Troy is intrigued. He asks the Mountain man if he misses having stuff to which he replies that out here you have everything you need. The study group later recounts this chance meeting to Dean Pelton during puppet therapy and relate what was said by the Mountain man through song:

4X9 Listen to the Mountain man
Nice wig George, uh, "mountain man".

Here in the woods, you're totally free, you can live off the land and be who you want to be.Mountain man
We can be our own men...Troy and Abed
...and I don't need an A!Annie
The perfect mom pressure would all go away!Shirley
Greendale is crazy!Mountain man
...and so is that moose!Troy
Hi Troy!Moose
Greendale turns people's screws so loose!ShirleY
We're no exception to tell you the truth!Annie
Which is why the woods is perfect for all of you!Mountain man
Being socially concious is totally tough!Britta
Ah, here in the woods you can forget all that stuff!Mountain man
I don't like the pressure to always be cool!Jeff
I was going to say that now I don't have a rhyme!Pierce
We all try our hardest...Troy
...but the pressure in college...Britta
...sometimes gets so tremendous...Shirley
...that it would be stupendous...Troy be free, far away...Annie
From Greendale!everyone

The Mountain man hands out berries to the study group which turn out to be psychotropic in nature. As they all start tripping out, the Mountain man waves goodbye to them and says "Be free my friends, be free!" before leaving them and heading back into the forest never to be seen again.

Deleted scene[]

In a deleted scene, which could have possibly been meant for the episode end tag, the Mountain Man appears again. He is in the forest with Pierce and is annoyed by his presence. He then gives him the key to his jeep so Pierce could go back to Greendale.