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Mr. Stone
Portrayed by: Walton Goggins
First appearance: "Cooperative Polygraphy"
Date of birth: November 10, 1971
Home town: Greendale County
Occupation: Polygraph expert
Reason for visit: To carry out instructions in Pierce Hawthorne's will to investigate his death via polygraphy and to bestow bequeathals to the study group


Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? SHOTS!!!
— Mr. Stone, "Cooperative Polygraphy".

S05E04-Mr Stone head shot
Mr. Stone portrayed by Walton Goggins.
Mr. Stone is a mysterious, seemingly emotionless man that the study group encounters after Pierce Hawthorne's passing. Mr. Stone has a dangerous accusation, a tantalizing offer and a devious plan that will change the group forever. Mr. Stone's first appearance is in the Season Five episode "Cooperative Polygraphy". He is portrayed by actor Walton Goggins. In a virtual table read of the episode script on May 18th 2020, actor Pedro Pascal filled in for Goggins who was unable to reprise the role.

Character history[]

In the study group's fifth year at Greendale together, the gang is in mourning over Pierce Hawthorne's death. Shortly after attending his funeral, they were approached in Group Study Room F by a man who introduced himself as Mr. Stone. He explained that as per the instructions of Pierce's will he was to carry out an inquest into Hawthorne's death. He told them they would be hooked up to lie detectors as his team of polygraph technicians set up their equipment. Chang, who had dropped by to see how the group was coping, mocked their predicament. He was about to leave when Stone informed him that he was on the list and his presence was asked for as well.

5X4 Aw shnizzle
Chang mocks the setup.
Even though it's strictly voluntary, they all decide to participate to honor Pierce's last request. Once they got hooked up to the polygraph, Stone began his first round of questions. Stone asked Britta about any sexual fantasies she had about Pierce, Jeff's sexual orientation was questioned and Shirley's donations to a pro choice political group is brought up. Stone turns to Troy and asks him if Pierce telling him Fat Albert died from diabetes angered him enough to want to murder him. Stone then inquires about a special doomsday plan he and Abed had in case of a zombie apocalypse which didn't include anyone else in the study group. Chang was eager to be questioned as well declaring he had nothing to hide.

504CP (1)
That's easy for you to say, and for us to say.
Stone then asks him if he ever masturbated in the study room. In response Chang removed the polygraph sensors and left. Stone turned to Abed and asked if he ever "911"-ed anyone. He followed that up by asking if as a child he ever developed any homicidal tendencies after accidentally killing a small animal. Annie and Shirley are relieved when he says "No" and the polygraph techs confirmed he was telling the truth. Stone asked him if he was still using Jeff's Netflix account without his permission. He then asked Annie if she used her exceptional intelligence and organizational skills to plot Pierces murder.

5x04 (2)
I'll ask the questions.
Stone then got Annie to admit she overcharges Troy and Abed for their share of the rent. The series of revelations caused a huge argument to break out amongst the group. As the bickering continued, Stone sat down in Pierce's seat at the study table. He yelled for the study group to stop arguing and explained the first round of questions was just to calibrate the equipment. The real interrogation was about to begin.

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Are you a dishonest person?

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