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First appearance: "Heroic Origins"
Occupation: STRIPPER


Creative?! He convinced a judge to dismiss five years of back taxes by getting him to agree that you humping an American flag to "Back in Black" was not stripping but actually not for profit performance art!
— Mike, "Heroic Origins".

S04E12-Mysti with glass
Mysti portrayed by Natasha Leggero.
Mysti was a stripper whose actions accidentally became a catalyst in the formation of the study group. It's eventually discovered she had a connection to both Jeff and Shirley significantly changing their lives forever. She was first mentioned in the Season One episode "Beginner Pottery" and her first onscreen appearance was in the Season Four episode "Heroic Origins". She is portrayed by comedian/actress Natasha Leggero.

Character history[]

Before the study group first met at Greendale, Jeff Winger was still working for the law firm of Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin and was working his most high profile case at that point. It involved a stripper by the name of Mysti who had not paid taxes in five years. The judge dismissed the charges against Mysti and Jeff scored the biggest win of his career as an attorney. Jeff came up with a unique defense which stated her stripping was not done for monetary gain and that her dancing was simply not for profit performance art. Although Jeff's partner Mark was greatly impressed by the defense, Mysti was non plussed by it although she believe it to be creative. The case garnered signification press from the media and also the attention of a feminist activist group known as the An-Her-Chists" .

They arrived after the trial was over and the group's spokeswomen congratulated Mysti and Jeff for the victory. Afterwards, the two of them celebrated at a restaurant over a bottle of champagne. When Mark arrived with news for Jeff, Mysti excused herself to powder her nose making it clear she was just going to use the restroom and not do drugs. When she returned, Mysti had covered herself in glitter and told Jeff about a guy she met on her way back who gave her his phone number. He had just won some money and she was considering calling him even though he was married. Still reeling from some bad news he just received, Jeff encouraged her to do so despite whatever consequences might occur. Mysti decided to follow his advice and the two of them drank a toast to the memorable night ahead of them ("Heroic Origins").

S04E12-Mysti glitter