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Nana Barnes
Nana Barnes
Portrayed by: Fran Bennett
First appearance: "Basic Genealogy"
Occupation: retired
Reason for visit: see her grandson on Family day


Get me a switch!
— Nana Barnes, "Basic Genealogy".

Nana Barnes
Nana Barnes.
Nana Barnes is Troy's grandmother who during his freshmen year at Greendale Community College, decided to visit him during the Family Day event held at the school. A cantankerous and ornery old lady, Troy was not looking forward to seeing her. Her first and only appearance was in the Season One episode "Basic Genealogy". She is portrayed by Fran Bennett.

Character history[]

Nana Barnes is first mentioned by Troy when he jokes with the group that he plans to hide in a cabinet when she comes to visit on Family Day. Britta scolds him for this attitude, saying he needs to cherish his grandmother in the time she is still alive. Troy tells Britta to cherish her, a challenge Britta readily accepts. When Nana arrives, Britta tries to win her over with flattery. This plan backfires and Nana reprimands Britta, instructing to get a switch. Britta learns from Troy that “a switch is a stick she can use to whoop you with,” but says that she respects Nana for her old-school ways. While Britta thinks she can appease Nana by finding a suitable switch, Troy is frustrated by Britta’s unwillingness to admit that his Nana can sometimes be just a mean old woman. He recalls that his mom warned him there would be white people who act this way.

1X18 Get me a swtich
How many men do you think I've laid with?
Britta proudly presents her switch to Nana expecting to be rapped across the hands. Instead Nana tells her to bend over and drop her pants so she can whip Britta's posterior. Troy tells Britta that, not being family, she can still just walk away but Britta lays across Nana's lap and takes the unexpectedly harsh whipping to prove she isn't a hypocrite. Later, with an obviously sore rear end, Britta admits to Troy that he was right about Nana being “a monster.” Nana overhears them and, deducing that Troy must have called her a monster first, tells Troy that it is his turn to get a switch.

S01E18-Nana Barnes whipping Britta
Nana Barnes goes old school on Britta. Cherish!


Oh, come on. I'm sure you've broken a few hearts in your time.Britta
''Oh! Tell me, how many men do you think I've laid with?Nana Barnes