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     Natalie Is Freezing  
First appearance: "Advanced Safety Features" — Meeting area: NA — Purpose: Alternative rock band
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Which one of you is Natalie?
— Ben Chang, "Advanced Safety Features".

"Natalie is Freezing" is one of the countless Alternative rock bands to emerge from the 1990s. As with most musical acts of that era, they have an ironic name as no one in the band is actually called "Natalie" (the lead singer is named Julie). Their songs had lyrics full of metaphors which contained confusing, indecipherable allusions. The band still has a small but devoted fan base which includes Britta Perry and Elroy Patashnik (who at one time dated Julie). They were first mentioned in the Season Six episode "Basic Crisis Room Decorum" and made their first official appearance later in the episode "Advanced Safety Features".

Group history[]

In the 2015 semester at Greendale, Julie and her band "Natalie is Freezing" was contacted by Jeff Winger from the school's activities committee. He learned his fellow committee member Elroy Patashnik was a fan and wanted to impress him. He was unaware Elroy used to date the lead singer Julie. The band accepted Jeff's offer to perform at the college's upcoming alumni dance. They arrived that night and went to the Cafeteria where the dance was to take place. The band introduced themselves to the committee only to have Chang ask which of them was Natalie. Julie was offended and declared there was no in the band with that name.

Natalie is Freezing arrives
The band arrives at Greendale.
She haughtily explained that they were artists and asked why he would even ask such a question. Julie was further annoyed when Abed wanted to know if she and the band could also man the ice machine since the DJ he booked before them was going to do that. Eventually, the band was ushered into the Student lounge to chill out before their performance. Julie was still ranting on about the Chang's question and didn't notice her ex-boyfriend Elroy enter the room. Elroy told Julie how much it hurt him after she used and then dumped him. Elroy proclaimed that he's still a fan of her music he won't allow her past actions to continue influencing him now.

Elroy confronts Julie
Elroy confronts Julie.
Julie was mostly indifferent to his confession but it proved to be a cathartic moment for Elroy. Afterwards, the band went on stage to perform and were greeted with a huge ovation from the audience. This included Vicki and the Save Greendale Committee with the notable exception of Frankie Dart. Julie thanked the crowd and introduced the first song, their most well known single "Pillar of Garbage". As they started playing a curtain on the side of the stage pulled back. It revealed to be the missing Frankie who was playing backup for the band on steel drums ("Advanced Safety Features").

Natalie is Freezing performs
The band performs.

Band members[]


On April 2nd, 2015, Community staff writer Clay Lapari tweeted a picture of a few of the band names the crew came up with for the name of Elroy's fictional 1990s themed alternative band. In a later interview with Yahoo, creator Dan Harmon went into detail about the name:
We had the writers generate a list of '90s band names and they came up with some great ones. Kneecap Jenny might be one of them, but the funny thing is that Natalie is Freezing was actually — it was my choice from this long list that was generated — and it wasn’t the writers that came up with it. It was somebody in the art department. They’re often much better at that kind of stuff. Natalie is Freezing sounded perfect to me.Dan Harmon

List of band names
The list of potential band names.
A while before Jeff arranges the NIF concert at Greendale, Britta can be seen wearing one of their t-shirts as she sleeps on the pull-away couch in Abed and Annie's apartment for the first time.

S06E02-Britta NIF tshirt
Britta is a big fan.