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Norwegian troll doll

  Norwegian troll doll  
First appearance: Remedial Chaos TheoryOwned by: Pierce HawthorneUsed by: Pierce to terrorize Troy
Purpose: Collectable figurine— Made by: Shop Norway   PHOTO ICON

Feel the terror, Troy. Feel the terror of THE NORWEGIAN TROLL DOLL!!!
Pierce, "Remedial Chaos Theory".

840117 LA troll norway
The Norwegian Troll Doll.
The Norwegian Troll Doll is a figurine owned by Pierce Hawthorne. It was one in a series of specialty dolls he had a collection of in his library at Hawthorne Manor. Troy had a very negative reaction to the doll when he moved in with Pierce at the end of his first year at Greendale. The Norwegian troll doll's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Remedial Chaos Theory."


Season Three[]

When Troy moved in with Pierce before his second year at Greendale, he was disturbed by a Norwegian Troll Doll that was on display in front of his room. He would later claim that it watched him while he slept. Pierce knew he hated the doll and brought it with him to a housewarming party for Troy and Abed's new apartment. He wrapped it up and intended to give the troll doll to Troy as a house warming present to mess with him. In the various scenarios imagined by Abed, Troy freaks out whenever he sees it. In the darkest timeline, Troy tries to swallow the troll doll whole while it was on fire and ends up severely damaging his throat. In the actual "prime" timeline, Pierce is enjoying himself at the party and decides not to give the gift to Troy, throwing it in the garbage instead. ("Remedial Chaos Theory").

Pierce's housewarming gift.

Season Four[]

In the study group's senior year at school, Pierce accidentally locks himself in his mansion's panic room. The study group forgoes a Halloween party to rescue him and splits into groups to find the codes to unlock the door to the panic room. While in the library, Abed finds a bookshelf decorated with Norwegian Troll dolls. A doll named "Torg" appears to be missing from the collection (presumably it's the one Pierce had intended to give to Troy). Abed pulls on a doll named "Grot" and discovers it's a switch that opens up the bookshelf and reveals a secret room that has monitors to all the surveillance equipment inside the mansion ("Paranormal Parentage").

Troll doll bookshelf4
Abed figures out the Troll doll reveals a secret room.



  • On the Community The Complete Third Season DVD commentaries for the episode "Remedial Chaos Theory", the nickname given to The Norwegian Troll Doll was "Torg" but Dan Harmon cut the one mention of the name out from the script while he was editing it. The name is somewhat canonized in the Season Four episode "Paranormal Parentage". Abed discovers a book shelf in Pierce's mansion which has a collection of Norwegian Troll dolls on it. A few dolls are identified by their place stands; among the names is Laarg, Gaarl, Gort with an empty stand reading Torg.
  • The Norwegian troll dolls are a series of real life hand crafted dolls sold as souvenirs in Norwegian gift shops. These dolls can be purchased online on websites like this one.