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Portrayed by: Jill Benjamin
First appearance: "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"
Home town: Greendale, Colorado
Occupation: Nurse at Brooks Memorial Hospital
Reason for visit: to announce bequeathals


Mr. Hawthorne is requesting "Sour Face".
— Nurse, "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking".

Nurse is an employee at Brooks Memorial Hospital who was present after Pierce was taken to the facility due to an overdose of pain medication. She and some of the other staff at the hospital were convinced by Pierce to take part in an elaborate deception to trick the study group into believe that he is dying. Her first and only appearance on the show was in the Season Two episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking". She is portrayed by comedian/actress Jill Benjamin.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year together at school, Pierce suffers a serious injury and becomes addicted to the pain medication he was prescribed to cope with it ("Early 21st Century Romanticism"). After taking too many pulls he passes out and is taken to Brooks Memorial Hospital. Upon recovering from his overdose, he sought revenge on the study group blaming them for what happened. He convinced a Nurse and much of the staff into helping him do this. After they contacted the study group, the nurse greeted them when they arrived and told them Pierce was in room 1023. When they went to his room Pierce told them that all he was on his deathbed although Jeff was skeptical.

S02E16-Nurse greets the group
The Nurse greets the study group.
He sent them back to the lobby so they could be called back in one by one for personal goodbyes to each of them individually. The nurse was put in charge of calling them when it was their turn to go. She explained that this was also to be a bequeathing which Troy misunderstood. Amused, he told the nurse to get an orderly for that believing that she was referring to a bowel movement. Annie explained she meant that Pierce was about to bestow some parting gifts to them which Troy responded to with excitement. The nurse was offended by his reaction and gave him a critical look causing Troy to dial back on his enthusiasm.

S02E16-Nurse-Bequeathal at hand to Annie
Do you have a real job here?
The nurse sent in Shirley first and after she got her bequeathment requested "Sour Face" which Britta realized meant her. When her bequeathals was over, the nurse announced that it was Annie's turn but Jeff volunteered to take her place. When the nurse objected, Jeff mollified her by praising her hard work for which she gets paid only half of what a doctor makes. The nurse thanked him for the compliment which Britta explained was a "compli-sult"; part compliment and part insult. Sometime later, the nurse again called for Annie telling her that her bequeathals was at hand. Before Annie went she asked if the nurse had a regular job at the hospital curious at how she had so much time to waste doing errands for Pierce. The nurse was at a loss for words and unable to respond ("Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking").

S02E16-Nurse-Thank you
Thank you?


The "Nurse" has a deleted scene on the Community The Complete Second Season DVD in which she complains that most of her job is dealing with people's poop and deriding the Study Group for insulting her for accepting $50 from Pierce for announcing the "bequeathals".