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O Christmas Troy

CD Cover
  ♫O Christmas Troy  
Oh Christmas Troy

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: Abed and Jeff with Troy  ►
  Composed by: Traditional  -  First heard: "Comparative Religion"

O Christmas Troy!!!
Abed Nadir

O Christmas Troy is a song sung in the End-Tag of "Comparative Religion" (Series 1 episode 12), a parody of the German traditional folk song "O Tannenbaum" (O Christmas Tree). During the Study Group's first Christmas at Greendale, Abed decorates Troy as a living "Christmas Tree", transferring decorative trinkets from the study room's Christmas tree onto Troy. Initially sung solely by Abed, Jeff joins in, before Tory accompanies for the final 3 lines of the carol. Although commonly recognised as "Oh Christmas Troy", due to its derivation from "O Christmas Tree" it is far more likely to be read as "O Christmas Troy".

Song with lyrics[]

O Christmas Troy
O Christmas Troy
Thy candles shine so brighty
O Christmas Troy
O Christmas Troy
Much plessure thou canst give me
The sight of thee at Christmas Time
Spreads hope and gladness far and wide
O christmas Troy
O Christmas Troy
Thou tree most fair and lovely



The scene where Troy is made up as a Christmas tree is likely inspired by a similar moment in the 1988 Bill Murray movie "Scrooged". In the film an autistic child is also similarly decorated as a Christmas tree by his siblings.

Scrooged photo
Scene from "Scrooged"

Flash mob[]

Midway during production of Community Season Three it was announced on November 14, 2011 NBC that the show was to go on hiatus. It would start the following year in 2012 with the returning show "30 Rock" taking over its time slot. The network did not immediately say when Community was to return eliciting concerns from the shows fans. In support of the show a flash mob was organized by fans through facebook and other Community fansites. appearing Center. They gathered in front of NBC studios at Rockefeller on December 22, 2011. They sang various Community songs including "Oh Christmas Troy".