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Officer Cackowski
First appearance: "The Politics of Human Sexuality"
Last appearance: "Grifting 101"
Occupation: POLICE OFFICER (Former part-time Greendale campus security guard)


Fact: in 100% of all fake gun shootings, the victim is always the one with the fake gun.
— Officer Cackowski, "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design".

Officer Cackowski
Officer Cackowski portrayed by Craig Cackowski.
Officer Cackowski is a police officer who is often called in to investigate various shenanigans that take place at Greendale Community College. He is partners with Officer Hancock and appears to be close friends with the drama professor, Professor Sean Garrity. He has a wry and jaded disposition and is unsurprised at the ridiculous nature of the types of "crimes" he is called on to investigate. His first actual appearance was moonlighting as a Greendale campus security guard in the Season One episode "The Politics of Human Sexuality". His first appearance as a police officer was in "The Science of Illusion". He is portrayed by Craig Cackowski.

Character history[]

Season One[]

Let me know if you find a perp.

–"The Science of Illusion"

School year synopsis

In 2009, Officer Cackowski briefly worked as a Greendale campus security as a side job to being a police officer. One night he caught three students (Annie Edison, Britta Perry and Shirley Bennett) breaking into Dean Pelton's office. Alongside his partner Foster he detained them until Pelton and the school's guidance counselor Gail arrived. As they dealt with the intruders he pointed out how uncomfortable Annie was. Months later at the school's Family Day function he was called to Greendale in his job as police officer. He had to deal with a fight that broke out between a student named Pierce Hawthorne and a teacher Ben Chang. Cackowski also questioned Jeff Winger and Hawthorne’s stepdaughter if they intended to hook up. He would return to the campus again in April the following year when a prank involving a cadaver occurred. He and his partner were met by Dean Pelton and mocked his concerns about the incident. At the crime scene he once again encountered students Annie Edison and Shirley Bennet. The bickering duo were at the time acting as volunteer campus security. Knowing that actually looking into the prank would be a waste of time for him and his partner he sarcastically turned over the investigation to them.

2009 - 2010 semester

In the study group's first year at school, Cackowski was moonlighting as a security guard at Greendale. One night he caught Annie, Shirley and Britta who were trying to break into Dean Pelton's office to get a good look at an anatomically correct mannequin that was in there for the STD Fair. He held them there for interrogation by Dean and Gail the student counselor. Gail hoped to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation by having everyone say the word "penis". Cackowski quickly pointed out that Annie didn't say it and she refused stating she was comfortable being a prude. After she finished her speech, Cackowski didn't bother trying to stop her when she marched out of the office ("The Politics of Human Sexuality").

On Greendale's Family Day event he was called in to deal with the aftermath of a physical altercation between Ben Chang and Pierce Hawthorne over a simple misunderstanding of a Pictionary clue. Once the interviews were over, Pierce's Pictionary partners Jeff and his former step daughter Amber claimed they were going to get some coffee. Pierce questioned if "coffee" was a code word for sex which they vehemently denied. A skeptical Cackowski then chimed in and asked if that was truly the case ("Basic Genealogy").

He was next seen on campus in his actual job as a police officer alongside his partner Officer Hancock. They were investigating what appeared to be a bizarre April Fool's joke on campus involving a cadaver being flung from the second story of the science lab. Hancock and Cackowski assured Dean Pelton that the incident wouldn't affect the school's reputation which was already bad. They were interrupted by the arrival of a campus patrol cart that was driven by volunteer student security guards Annie Edison and Shirley Bennett. They marched up to the two officers and after introducing themselves tried to claim jurisdiction. Amused by their antics, Cackowski and his partner allowed them to take over the investigation since it was only a misdemeanor crime ("The Science of Illusion").

Season Two[]

During the study group's second year together at Greendale, Cackowski's returned to deal with a mysterious Halloween party in the library ("Epidemiology"). He is later asked by his friend Professor Sean Garrity to help teach Dean Pelton, Jeff and Annie a lesson on the proper use of prop guns ("Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design").

S02E06-Cackowski and Dean 2nd Halloween
You remember nothing past your decision to be Lady Gaga?

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at school he is called to Troy and Abed's apartment for a breaking and entering incident there which saw Abed's prize special edition "Dark Knight" DVD having been stolen ("Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"). Towards the end of the school year he returns to the apartment with Abed who, along with the rest of the study group, had been expelled from Greendale and had been trespassing on school grounds ("Curriculum Unavailable"). He is called again to the apartment when the study group tries to convince him that Ben Chang had replaced Dean Pelton with an imposter. He is unbelieving of their claims and warns them to stay away from the school ("First Chang Dynasty").

S03E21-Cackowski singing
Love is not admissible evidence!

Season Six[]

Now on the study group committee's sixth year, Cackowski is called to investigate the leaking of the Greendale's staff e-mails, alongside his partner Warburton. He finds a message by the hackers demanding a show the school booked to be cancelled, and eventually discovers the culprit, Ryan (aka "StringCheeseHustler" or "CaptainTitty"). He also seems disappointed by the remaining founding members of the committee holding him at arm's length despite having known him for five years ("Basic Email Security"). Later, he returns to Greendale, off duty (as he takes macrame at Greendale after work), when the committee grifts the grifting professor Roger DeSalvo, and reveals the reason he became a cop is his mentally challenged cousin ("You know, lot of bullies out there") ("Grifting 101").

S06E06-Cackowski, Warburton and Ryan
Cackowski bringing in the string cheese hustler.


Name changes[]

The character who would later be officially identified as "Cackowski" (after the actor who portrayed him) was seen wearing several different name badges in his various appearances. His first appearance was in Season One as a security guard on campus which was explained in DVD commentaries as a side job to being a police officer. In this episode his badge clearly reads "Roger". In his second appearance his badge reads "Garcia" and third one his badge reads "Hirsh". It wasn't until the credits of the Season Two episode "Epidemiology" where he is officially named "Officer Cackowski".

Cackowski badges
Name changes