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Officer Warburton
Officer Warburton
Portrayed by: Quinn Friedman
First appearance: "Basic Email Security"
Occupation: Police Officer
Reason for visit: Investigate online shenanigans

No one's free when they're one of anything.
Officer Warburton, "Basic Email Security".

Officer Warburton is a part of the city's new cyber-crime division. Although he is child in an adult sized police uniform, he has the technical expertise to help investigate the new uncharted landscape of online terrorism. He is partnered with Officer Cackowski and is a cynical nihilist who rejects social norms for the sake of individualism. His first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Basic Email Security". He is portrayed by actor Quinn Friedman.

Character history[]

In the 2015 semester of Greendale Community College, a hacker got into the school's computers and left a virus. He also leaked the personal emails of the Cafeteria's Lunch Lady. Officer Warburton alongside his partner Officer Cackowski were sent by the police department to investigate the cyber crime. They headed to the school's Library where Warburton inspected one of the many computer terminals affected. He was unsuccessful in tracing the source of the virus and the only new information he could find was a statement realized by the hacker.

In the message the hacker who revealed the reason he targeted Greendale was because they booked the controversial comedian Gupta Gupti Gupta. He threatened to leak the activities committee's emails as well unless the performance was cancelled. Cackowski accompanied Dean to the Group Study Room F where he updated the Save Greendale Committee about what his partner found out. When Cackowski introduced his partner, Warburton reminded him he wanted McDonalds later. The duo left after admitting that at this point there was not much the police could do for them.

S06E06-Warburton wants McDs
I want McDonalds!
Warburton and Cackowski continued to pursue other leads and eventually ended up solving the case. They discovered the hacker was actually a kid named Ryan who lived across from the school. He got into the school's system by guessing the master password was "changeme". Warburton and Cackowski brought Ryan to Greendale and forced him to personally apologize to the Save Greendale Committee for all the trouble he caused. Ryan did so reluctantly and asked Warburton how he could sleep at night having arrested someone his age. Warburton simply replied he slept with one eye open, that's why he's not in handcuffs.

S06E06-Cackowski, Warburton and Ryan
Warburton helping bring in "Fart-mitzvah".
Sometime later, Warburton and Cakowski were on the Greendale campus sitting in a patrol car in the midst of torrential rain. Warburton was monitoring random conversations at school with a listening device. Cackowski tried to engage him in a conversation but Warburton insisted such small talk was meaningless. He also coldly told Cackowski that even though they worked together it didn't mean they needed to be friends. Cackowski concluded his partner was cynical and was about to go off another tangent even when Warburton cut him off. There was an emergency at the school's mainframe hard line and they sped away in the patrol car to deal with it ("Basic Email Security").

S06E06-Warburton in the car
Warburton on patrol.