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Open the Door

CD Cover
  ♫Open the Door  
CD Cover

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: The Secret Doors  ►
  Composed by: The Secret Doors  -  First heard: "Basic Sandwich"

Yeah, sweet mama!
The Secret Doors

Open the Door opens the door
"Open the Door" opens the door.
"Open the Door" was a song written and performed by the band "The Secret Doors". It became the key to unlocking one of Greendale's oldest mystery. The Save Greendale Committee were searching the school's underground subbasement for a hidden computer lab. They hoped to find a hidden treasure there to buy back the school before it was sold to the Subway corporation. Abed examined an old jukebox and saw the song "Open the Door" was one of the selections. He had Annie key in the song choice which caused not only the song to start playing but also for the jukebox wall to slide back revealing the entrance to the computer lab. The song was first heard in the Season Five episode "Basic Sandwich".

The song with lyrics[]


Open the door!
Yeah, sweet mama!
We got to open the door!
And the door is opening!
You're playing the song that opens the door
We recorded this song for when you open the door!
Specially timed to the duration of the opening process!
Close the door!
Yeah, sweet mama!
We got to close the door!
The door is closing!
Faster than it opens!
For dramatic effect!