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PEE Song

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  ♫PEE Song  
CD Cover

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: unknown  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: "Economics of Marine Biology"

I did it! I used the water fountain!
Chang, "Economics of Marine Biology".

Troy and Shirley take a "Physical Education Education" (PEE for short) class together. As a star football quarterback, Troy expects to ace the class and that Shirley will struggle. However, the class curriculum involves being a good coach, not a good athlete. Shirley excels in the class while Troy is the worst student. In order to help Troy improve, Shirley shows Troy how to coach Chang/Kevin in several sports. The "PEE Song" plays during a montage of coaching events showing the three persons.

The song[]

Teachers teaching to teach,
Coaches coaching to coach!
You got to dig down deep
To prove you want it the most!

Get your Physical Education...Education!

There's no room in the gym for hesitation!

P.E.E. is not P.E.,
it's a totally different philosophy!

It's Physical Education...Education!