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The-the paintball game was-was-was starting and then the Dean-the Dean announced the prize...THE PRIZE...we-we turned on each other like ANIMALS!
Garrett, "Modern Warfare".

The Paintball Assassin games are annual competition events held towards the end of the school year at Greendale Community College. A prize is given to the winner of the contest which normally has great value to the students (with the exception of the time when the prize was simply tickets to see a musical) . The Paintball game first appeared in the Season One episode "Modern Warfare" and made subsequent appearances in the Season Two episodes "A Fistful of Paintballs" and "For A Few Paintballs More", in a flashback from the Season Three episode "Curriculum Unavailable", in a daydream from the Season Four episode "Advanced Introduction to Finality" and finally in the Season Six episode "Modern Espionage".


Season One[]

Everyone's playing!

Leonard, "Modern Warfare".

In the study group's first year together at Greendale, Dean Pelton announced a paintball contest was to be held with a prize to be announced later. Jeff was uninterested and annoyed at being grilled about his relationship with Britta. He left to go sleep in his car only to awaken an hour later to find the campus desolate. At the library he encountered a panic stricken Garrett and was chased by a paintball gun wielding Leonard. Jeff was saved by Abed and joined him and Troy in an alliance after learning the prize was Priority registration. The trio eventually reunited with the rest of the study group. However, battles with the Glee Club and "Disco Stu"'s roller skaters whittle the group down. Only Jeff and Britta were left as the two get swept up in the moment and consummated their relationship. In order to prevent anyone from actually winning the prize, Dean Pelton sent an experienced paintball player Ben Chang to finish off the remaining students. His final targets were Jeff and Britta who he tracked down in the study room. He engaged Britta in a one-on-one paintball gun duel which resulted in them both being eliminated. Jeff won by default and armed with Chang's paintball gun, went to the Dean's office to claim his prize.

Game participants[]

Order of eliminations[]

Onscreen eliminations
  1. Garrett (eliminated earlier, shot again by Leonard)
  2. Leonard (eliminated by Abed)
  3. The Chess Club (eliminated by Troy, Jeff and Abed)
  4. Star-Burns (eliminated by Pierce)
  5. Troy (eliminated by the Glee Club)
  6. Annie (eliminated by the Glee Club)
  7. Pierce (eliminated by the Glee Club)
  8. The Glee Club (eliminated by Jeff, Britta, Abed and Shirley)
  9. Male roller skater #1 (eliminated by Jeff)
  10. Male roller skater #2 (eliminated by Abed)
  11. Male roller skater #3 (eliminated by Shirley)
  12. Male roller skater #4 (eliminated by Shirley)
  13. Shirley (eliminated by Female roller skater)
  14. Male roller skater #5 (eliminated by Jeff)
  15. Male roller skater #6 and "Disco Stu" (eliminated by Britta)
  16. Male roller skater #7, Female roller skater, Abed (all three eliminated at the same time)
  17. Ben Chang and Britta (both eliminated at the same time)
Winner: Jeff
Prize: Priority registration

Season Two[]

That was a game. This is paintball.

Annie, "A Fistful of Paintballs".

A second paintball tournament was sponsored by Pistol Patty's Cowboy Creamery. This time, the game had a western theme and Paintball pistol were used in place of the paintball guns from last year. The winner was to receive $100,000 dollars and the students once again trashed the campus to win the prize. With paintball ammo supplies dwindling, the study group finds a cache of last year's previous paintball gun's and paraphernalia in the Dean's office. When the true sponsor of the game is revealed to be Dean Spreck from City College, the remaining Greendale participants of the game band together in an alliance to face off against the invading City College Storm Troopers. Abandoning the pistols, they use the paintball guns found in Pelton's office for the remainder of the conflict. Troy took command of a covert team to lure some of the City College troopers into a trap in the library. Jeff led a squad of students on a suicide assault the Paintball gatling gun on the campus quad.

Game participants[]

Greendale Community College

The Greendale Seven (Abed, Annie, Britta, Jeff, Pierce, Troy and Shirley), Mike Chilada and his gang, Eric, Pavel, Magnitude, Cheerleading Club, Ben Chang, Math Club, Vicky, Garrett, Leonard, Star-Burns and Dean Pelton.

City College

City College Storm Troopers, The Black Rider, Dean Spreck

Order of eliminations[]

Onscreen eliminations
  1. Mike and his gang (eliminated by Annie)
  2. Math club (eliminated by Abed)
  3. Pavel (eliminated by the Black Rider)
  4. Cheerleaders (eliminated by Annie)
  5. Citizens of Fort Hawthorne (eliminated by the Black Rider)
  6. The Black Rider (eliminated by Pierce)
  7. Ben Chang (eliminated by the City College Storm Trooper)
  8. Eric (eliminated City College Storm Trooper)
  9. Magnitude (eliminated by a paintball grenade)
  10. Various Greendale students (eliminated by City College Storm Troopers)
  11. City College Storm Troopers (eliminated by Annie and Abed)
  12. Troy (eliminated by City College Storm Troopers)
  13. City College Storm Troopers, Annie and Abed (eliminated by paintball paint pouring into the library)
  14. Jeff (eliminated by a City College Storm Trooper)
  15. Quendra (eliminated by City College Storm Troopers)
  16. City College Storm Troopers (eliminated by Britta and Shirley)
  17. Britta (eliminated by a City College Storm Trooper)
  18. City College Storm Trooper (eliminated by Shirley)
  19. Shirley (eliminated by City College Storm Troopers)
  20. City College Storm Troopers (eliminated by Pierce)
Winner: Pierce
Prize: $100,000

Season Three[]

Dammit out of slugs! Next time I'll put you square you pickle sucking mcgillicutty!

Pierce, "Curriculum Unavailable".

Abed is sent to see a psychologist and upon reminiscing about the past year, it is shown that they housed another paintball game which was done in a Noir theme in which Pierce is once again the Bad Guy, Abed is saved by the Dean (dressed as Velma from Chicago) which is one of the scenes that reminds the group that the Dean is in their corner ("Curriculum Unavailable").
CA Maffia paintball

Winner: Abed (?)

Prize: Tickets to the musical "Chicago" at Greendale Civic Center.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Jeff had earned enough credits to graduate early. He had some trepidations about leaving his life at Greendale and returning to his career as a lawyer. These fears led to Jeff having a daydream involving the Evil Study Group crossing over from the Darkest Timeline to the real world. In his imagination both versions were armed with hi-tech paintball weaponry that could teleport people to the parallel "evil" world. Jeff's scenario had both versions of the study group having a paintball showdown in the cafeteria. Once the battle was over the evil doppelgängers were all vanquished back to their reality. Jeff snapped out of his daydream which helped him to overcome his fears over leaving Greendale and his friends ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

Game participants[]

Prime timeline

The Study Group (Abed, Annie, Britta, Jeff, Troy and Shirley) with the exception of Pierce; Ben Chang (accidental victim).

Darkest Timeline

The Evil Study Group (Evil Jeff, Evil Annie, Evil Britta, Evil Troy, Evil Shirley, Evil Pierce) with the exception of Evil Abed; Evil Faux-by (involuntarily).

Order of eliminations[]

Onscreen eliminations
  1. Abed (teleported away by Evil Jeff, subsequently returns)
  2. Chang (teleported away by Evil Jeff while taking the bullet for Jeff)
  3. Evil Faux-by (teleported away by Abed)
  4. Evil Pierce (teleported away by himself)
  5. Evil Britta (teleported away by herself)
  6. Evil Shirley (teleported away by Shirley)
  7. Evil Annie (teleported away by Annie)
  8. Evil Troy (teleported away by Troy)
  9. Evil Jeff (teleported away by Jeff)
By the time Jeff's daydream ended, only he and Abed were left standing.

Season Six[]

In the 2014-2015 semester at Greendale, paintball was banned on the Greendale campus due to a new initiative spearheaded by the school's consultant Frankie Dart. Evidence surfaced that an underground paintball tournament had been organized due to incidents occurring like Starburns and Todd battle in the parking garage. Frankie pleaded with Jeff to use his influence as the unofficial BMOC of Greendale to put an end to the illegal contest. Jeff tried to get the rest of the committee onboard but learned they were competing as well. It was only after Abed pointed out that City College was covertly sponsoring the contest and the prize money that everyone agreed to unravel the conspiracy.

They started by investigating the rival university's undercover agent "Silverballz" and discovered he was going to strike at the black tie gala event Frankie put together. After Dean Pelton narrowly avoided bring eliminated he discovered that the Greendale custodians were in cahoots with City College. They were led by Lapari whose men charged the cafeteria and opened fire. Once the battle was over, only Lapari, Jeff and Dean Pelton were left still in the game. A Mexican stand-off occurred which was interrupted by Frankie who convinced Lapari of her good intentions and that he wouldn't be fired over the incident. The competition officially ended when Lapari, Pelton and Winger shot each other at the same time. As they had all been eliminated simultaneously, none of them received the prize money ("Modern Espionage").

Game participants[]

Save Greendale Committee (Jeff, Abed, Annie, Britta and Elroy) with the exception of Frankie; Lapari and the custodial staff, the cafeteria staff, Dean Pelton, Ben Chang, Todd, Star-Burns, various Greendale students and guests at the gala.

Order of eliminations[]

Onscreen eliminations
  1. Todd and Starburns (eliminated by Silverballz)
  2. Chang (eliminated by Abed, Annie, Britta and Elroy)
  3. Four Greendale students (eliminated by Jeff)
  4. Preston Koogler (eliminated by Silverballz)
  5. Greendale cafeteria staff (eliminated by Britta and Elroy)
  6. Five Greendale custodians (eliminated by Dean Pelton)
  7. Handicapped student (eliminated by Jeff)
  8. Greendale custodians, guests at the gala (eliminated during the shootout)
  9. Annie (eliminated by Silverballz/Lapari during the shootout)
  10. Elroy and Britta (eliminated by the custodial staff during the shootout)
  11. Abed (eliminated by Silverballz/Lapari during the shootout)
  12. Jeff, Dean Pelton and Lapari (eliminated by shooting each other simultaneously)
No winner
Prize: An undisclosed sum of money


  • You'll note few or no student uses protective gear. In reality getting hit by a paintball can hurt, and serious injury can be cause by getting hit in the wrong spot. Professionals recommend protective gear. [1]
  • The commentaries for first season reveal they used low velocity paintball guns and that they were shot by professionals. The actor who plays Garrett was scared of being shot and Alison Brie really got shot in the boob with a black and blue mark to show.
  • From second season onward most of the shots were done in post-production. This was as much speeding up production as it was about safety.