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Feast your ear tongues on these memory pops!
The study group is working on their final project for Anthropology Class, which is a diorama of them making their second to last diorama. Annie's Boobs appears and steals Troy's paint brush before retreating to a nearby vent. He is pursued by an oiled up and semi-naked Chang, who discovers a trove of objects the monkey had been stealing since being released. Chang brings the items back out including Annie's purple pens which she accused the group of stealing. The group recalls a couple of adventures they've had over the season: being shot at during a visit to a ghost town and filling in for the Glee Club who died in a bus crash.

POHM The study groups final diorama

The study group's final diorama.

POHM Annies Boobs returns

Annie's Boobs returns.

POHM Chang decides to oil up

Chang decides to oil up.

POHM Chang finds the monkey's treasure

Chang finds the monkey's treasure.

POHM Troy and Abed getting shot at!

Troy and Abed getting shot at!

POHM The study group fils in for the dead Glee club

The study group fills in for the dead glee club.
While several group members believe the past year has been dark, Jeff and Britta argue they are all focusing on the bad stuff. Jeff suggests that Abed comes up with something positive that happened this year. After taking a moment to think about it, Abed offers the revelation that Jeff and Britta had been secretly having sex all year. He points out several things he noticed over the semester which was Jeff and Britta went into the restroom together at the Halloween party, overhearing Jeff proposition Britta after he left his therapy session with Ian Duncan and having walked in on the two of them half naked in his dorm room after the group's river rafting adventure.

POHM Britta flirts with Jeff at the Halloween party

Britta flirts with Jeff at the Halloween party.

POHM Britta tells Jeff to keep quiet in front of Duncan

Jeff propositions Britta in front of Duncan.

POHM Abed finds Jeff and Britta post coital in his dorm room

Abed finds Jeff and Britta half naked in his dorm room.
This leads to an argument about their deception and also other ways Jeff and Britta have been selfish: Jeff switches wigs with Troy during a barber class to steal credit, Britta interrupts Troy and Abed's viewing of The Cape's premiere to watch a news report on Tunisia, Jeff escapes a group talk by yelling that the group is giving out free iPhones, causing them to be mobbed by nearby students, Britta steals Annie's chapstick without asking and carelessly throws it on the floor, the group stands in front of a destroyed house with the Dean reprimanding them. When he demands that someone take responsibility, Jeff and Britta trick the others to step forward for the crime, exonerating themselves in the process.

2X22 Switcheroo 2X22 Humanity is premiering you jag

"What are you doing, The Cape is premiering!"

2X22 iPhone1

"We need to talk."

2X22 iPhone2

"These guys are giving away free iPhones!"

2X22 iPhone3 2X22 Chapstick1 2X22 Chapstick2 2X22 Habitat1

"The guilty party step forward!"

2X22 Habitat2 2X22 Habitat3

Jeff and Britta counter with evidence of selfish acts from the other group members: Pierce injects himself with flu shots in an attempt to gain godhood; Shirley recruits Annie, Abed, and Britta to help her sell makeup kits only to inform them that they owe her 50 dollars for opening them; Pierce steals food from Abed's plate while making bird noises; Jeff sees Troy and Abed mocking him while wearing his jacket; the group is soaking wet after pulling a deflated raft out of the river while Troy explains why he popped it, Abed approaches Jeff in the cafeteria wearing a Cape costume and knocks his food tray on the floor; Annie (having started self defense courses) accidentally knocks out Pierce and Shirley. Annie and Shirley contend that those situations weren't as damaging to the group as Jeff and Britta's shenanigans.

2X22 Three flu shots

"Pierce , you've had three flu shots! That's for the health center!"

Community 2x21 Paradigms of Human Memory.avi 000484775

"I'll be a living GOD!"

2X22 Lady Miss Lady2

"Please open your starter kits."

2X22 Lady Miss Lady3

Okay, now that the seals have been broken you each owe me fifty dollars.

2X22 Caw Caw Caw

"Caw! Caw!"

2X22 I'm Jeff Winger

"I'm Jeff Winger, does this hard boiled egg make me look fat?"

2X22 Cartoon logic

"I've seen enough movies to know that popping the back of the raft makes it go faster."

2X22 Abed's cape trick 2X22 Hello fist


2X22 KO


2X22 Down for the count

Jeff states that they were kept their hook-ups a secret specifically so it wouldn't impact the group. Annie scoffs at this idea and mentions how he wasn't discrete when flirting with her all semester. Jeff feigns ignorance over this and Annie presents a few examples: Annie pays for her lunch as Jeff briefly glances at her, Jeff and Annie stand next to one another, eating lunch and looking at one another, in the ghost town Annie is about to step in dog poop but Jeff grabs her arm, Annie chokes on food in the cafeteria and Jeff gives her the Heimlich maneuver, Annie stands in the path of a rampaging Boob-A-Tron only to be pulled out of the way by Jeff; Annie and Jeff spin two jump ropes for Pierce and look at one another.

2X22 Jeff Annie lunch line 2X22 Jeff Annie dog poop 2X22 Jeff Annie Heimlech 2X22 Jeff Annie Boob-A-Tron1 2X22 Jeff Annie Boob-A-Tron2 2X22 Jeff Annie Boob-A-Tron3 2X22 Jeff Annie Jump Rope

Denying any romantic undertones exist in these examples, Jeff states that a similar examples can be pulled from Pierce and Abed's relationship: Abed gives Pierce change for a dollar, so he can use the vending machine; Abed, dressed in his Cape costume, performs moves in the study room while the group and a disinterested Pierce look on; in the ghost town, Abed points out to Pierce that his fly is open; while Pierce jumps rope, Abed smiles at him from a table nearby. The group is a bit disturbed by the imagery stirred up by Jeff's examples and Abed tries to get Jeff to admit there is some truth to Annie's claims. Jeff still denies it and claims that it's just because he has chemistry with everyone. Dean Pelton then bursts into the room in a yet another costume after having overhearing their argument.

2X22 Abed and Pierce1 2X22 Abed and Pierce2 2X22 Abed and Pierce3 2X22 Abed and Pierce4 2X22 Abed and Pierce5 2X22 Abed and Pierce6

Jeff then mocks Pelton for repeatedly dressing up in ridiculous costumes and several examples follow: The Dean dresses as Catwoman and announces Feline Awareness Week; the Dean dresses as Mozart and announces a Music Department Fundraiser; the Dean dresses as Tina Turner and announces Daylight Savings; the Dean dresses as Julius Caesar and announces a free Caesar salad bar in the cafeteria; the Dean dresses as Scarlet O'Hara and announces a Green Window initiative. The Dean leaves, upset and offended. Shirley tries to get them to stop fighting, but Troy disagrees and says they should continue to get it all out of their system this time.

2X22 Dean as Catwoman 2X22 Dean as Mozart 2X22 Dean as Tina Turner 2X22 Dean as Ceasar 2X22 Dean as Scarlet O'Hara

Abed believes this is futile since they've tried that before: A camping trip where the group bickering leads to Abed reminding them within that flashback of an arguments during the painting of Shirley's nursery which leads to yet another flashback of Caesar Salad Day where the group's argument causes Troy to scream. The flashbacks cycle through each previous scene with Troy's yelling getting louder until present day Troy is shown with a nose bleed. This causes Annie to believe that their group dynamic is toxic. Abed suggests that they follow the same routine they always do and declare that the group is breaking up. The group contemplates this for a moment but instead decide to follow Shirley's lead and try finish their diorama project together. The solemn moment is interrupted by Chang who bursts out of the air vent.

2X21 Camping trip argument 2X21 Nursery argument 2X21 Caesar salad day argument 2X21 Troy yelling1 2X21 Troy yelling2 2X21 Troy nose bleed Return to work Iodine

Anyone got any Iodine?
When they are done, Jeff stops them from leaving delivering another speech. The speech is inter cut in a montage of other speeches he made previously that year at various events the group took part in; at a haunted house, with Mexican drug-runners, at an old west locomotive, river rafting, Caesar Salad Day, on a camping trip, inside a mental institution, and the group comforting Abed about The Cape's cancellation.  Jeff ends his argument by saying that despite the arguing and fighting, they are becoming closer and more fantastic as a group. Everyone is sufficiently moved to reconcile and they all hug it out. They tell Jeff and Britta they can continue hooking up but the two decide not to. Chang returns to find them all gone. He then begins to reminisce about his time in the vent with Annie's Boobs.


"Look, we've known each other for almost two years now."


"And yeah, in that time, I've given a lot of speeches. But they all have one thing in common...


"They're all different. These drug runners aren't going to execute Pierce because he's racist..."


"It's a locomotive that runs on us!"


"...and the only sharks in that water..."


"...are the emotional ghosts that I like to call..."








"...and the dangers of ingesting mercury!"


"...because the real bugs aren't the ones in those beds!"


"...and there's no such thing as a free Caesar salad! And even if there were..."


...The Cape still might find a second life on cable, and I'll tell you why..."'

Speechmontage10 Speechmontage11

"That water is a lie!"


"Harrison Ford is irradiating our testicles with microwave satellite transmissions!"


"So maybe we are caught in an endless cycle of screw ups and hurt feelings."


"But I believe it's the universe's way of molding us into some kind of super group."

End tag[]

The episode ends with a cartoon written by the Dean, showing him getting revenge on the study group for being mean to him.

Cartoon Study group
Dean Pelton's cartoon of the study group.

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • Previously:
    • While all of the "clips" are never-before-seen footage, some come from episodes that are canon, like the Halloween and Christmas episodes, but divulge new information about what happened.
    • It's mentioned in "Romantic Expressionism" by Troy that in High School when Annie was freaking out while on Adderall, she ran through the hallways screaming "Everyone is a robot!". One of the flashback's sees her in the Greendale hallway faced with an out of control robot.
    • It is revealed to the group that the monkey Annie's Boobs is the culprit behind Annie's missing pens in Cooperative Calligraphy.
    • During one scene from the Dean's montage, a Radio-Controlled Car is on the table in front of Jeff. It was mentioned in "Aerodynamics of Gender" that Jeff and Troy had been playing with RC Cars the previous week but it was never seen on the show.
    • In the episode Abed reveals he knows Jeff and Britta are having secret sex, and gives three brand-new clues. However, previous episodes throughout Season Two also hints that Abed suspected Jeff and Britta were secretly hooking up, including these clues:
      • In "Cooperative Calligraphy", Abed questions Jeff when Britta mentions a type of underwear he usually wears. Abed asks what does she mean "usually".
      • In "Mixology Certification", Jeff and Britta make out in the back seat of Jeff's Lexus oblivious to Abed who is also in the car sitting next to them.
      • In "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons", Jeff asks what is he not good at and Britta replies sex. Abed is shown to be curious at this statement as it implies they had done it more than once.
  • Winger speech: This one alternates between nine Winger speeches from the past (chronologically in the show, however like all the other clips it's actually new footage), and one that takes place in the present.
  • Discontinuity: Each time a shot of the diorama is shown, the dolls inside change position.
  • That just happened: At the end Jeff asks Chang how many vents he was going to crawl out of this year. In the previous episode "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" Jeff saw Chang crawl out of a vent at the police station.
  • Middle Eastern Magic 8 Ball: Jeff's comments about Chang and air vents seems to inadvertently foreshadow the beginning of Season Three's "Biology 101" which has Ben living in the air vents.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
  • Familiar faces: Crystal the Monkey returns as Troy's former pet Annie's Boobs.
  • Returning faculty: Professor Ian Duncan makes an appearance in one of the flashbacks playing the piano when the study group practices for the Glee Club.
  • Regionals: In the flashback where Jeff and Troy train as hairdressers, the instructor tells Jeff "You're going to the regionals!".
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:
  • School supplies:
  • School uniform: The Greendale PE gear makes another appearance.

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Annie's Boobs: The monkey returns and is revealed to have stolen many things from the group.
  • Bag-ul: In the camping trip adventure clip, Jeff and Britta argue over her pronunciation of the word "s'more".
  • Changuage: Chang claims to know the school's air vents like the back of his chang.
  • Deanotation:
    • "Dean-a-ling-a-ling."
    • "Dean-yow!"
    • "Dean-de-de-de-dean-dean-dean, dean dean dean dean."
    • "What's dean got to do with it?"
    • "Deanie, vidi, vici!"
    • "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dean."
  • E-vasive: The group tries to confront Jeff in the hallway but he yells, "These people are giving out free iPhones," and escapes when students clog up the hall.
  • Fivehead: Jeff objects to the size of the forehead on his likeness in the diorama.
  • Gasp!: Annie gasps when Jeff denies any romantic undertones in their interactions and suggests that Pierce and Abed had just as many moments which could be perceived that way as well.
  • I hate Glee!: One of the flashbacks reveals that the study group filled in for the Glee Club.
  • Man crush: In the ending cartoon written by the Dean, Jeff seems to have hidden feelings for the Dean.
  • Nice outfit: Several instances of Pelton making announcements in different costumes are shown.
  • NOOOOOO!: Troy screams when they are surrounded by a crowd of students after Jeff announces that they are giving away free iPhones.
  • Raging against the machine: Britta interrupts Troy and Abed watching the premier of [ The Cape to watch news coverage of the Tunisian riots.
  • WWBJD: Shirley claims that it's not God that hates the group but Jeff and Britta due to their hooking up.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
References to popular culture in this episode:
  • IMDb: Gone With The Wind, Alien.
  • Name that tune: "Gravity".
  • Shout Out:
    • Troy refers to the old prospector in the ghost town as "hard-core racist. Like 1800s Disney-style", referring to the racism in old Disney cartoons (such as Song of the South).
    • When Jeff calls the group a "supergroup", Troy references the Traveling Wilburys, a rock and roll supergroup.
  • TV Guide: Glee, The Cape.

Meta references[]

List of Meta references
Meta references in this episode:
  • Homage/Parody:
    • The episode is an homage and parody of a "clip show", an episode of a television show comprised of clips from previously aired episodes. This subverts the old formula by using almost entirely new footage shot for this particular episode.
    • The Jeff and Annie, Pierce and Abed, Ben Chang and Annie's Boobs montages are all parodies of a particular "shipping" video (see main article "Gravity"). These fanvids are made by fans who enjoy a particular romantic pairing on the show, even some pairings not considered canon. This is one of the few instances when a fan work has been incorporated within the canon of a show.
    • In the clips from the study group's shark-related adventure, Abed is dressed up as Richard Dreyfuss' character in the film Jaws.
  • IRL: Former Community writer Andy Bobrow explained the phrase "Annie of it all" on a Reddit thread:
"The X of it all" is an annoying phrase that had started creeping into business speak, particularly in the meetings we had with executives. Typically in reference to the process of making the show. "We need to address the Bob Greenblatt of it all," or "What are you guys doing about the budget of it all?" It was super annoying to us so we made fun of it. Seemed like a thing Annie Edison would do.Andy Bobrow
  • The music in the song performed by the Study Group as they fill in for the Glee Club is the fifth and final track on Childish Gambino's "EP", called "Not Going Back". Community is scored by music composer Ludwig Göransson, who works with Donald Glover in his music career on Gambino's releases from as early as "Culdesac" to his most recent release "STN MTN / Kauai".
  • This episode is the source of the phrase "Six seasons and a movie!" which became a rallying cry for people trying to keep Community on the air. In the context of the episode, Abed is referring to the NBC show The Cape.


  • Clip show episodes are usually included in a show to save money on the budget, as not much new filming is required. However, this episode showcased all new and extravagant footage. Additionally, in order to acquire the rights to "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles, Dan Harmon had to pay $30,000 of his own money.
  • Look closely and you can see that the study group's diorama includes a model of Chang peering into the library study through a window. The front can be seen indistinctly at the very beginning and when the study group is finishing up the diorama. The back can be clearly seen when Chang is walking into the empty room right before his final monolog.
  • Many of the "flashbacks" were shot on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot, with several recognizable locations from the Studio Tour attraction, including the Amity Harbor set from Jaws or the Bates Motel set from Psycho. The train locomotive the group is gathered around at one point is the Runaway Train, a former site on the tour.


I can't believe this is our twentieth and final anthropology diorama of the year.Annie
I can't believe our assignment is making a diorama of us making our nineteenth diorama.Britta
Didn't we decide, at the beginning of the year that, for the good of the group, we wouldn't allow any intimacy between each other or ourselves?Troy
Troy, we never said 'ourselves'.Jeff
...Okay, now I'm really mad.Troy
Feast your ear-tongues on these memory-pops!Britta
Dean-a-ling-a-ling. I was just heading to judge our belated carnival when I heard you guys having a tiff. What's the rumpus?Dean Pelton
We were debating how many times per year a man can drop in a study room in a dumb costume with irrelevant news.Jeff
Abed, stop being meta! Why do you always have to take whatever happens to us and shove it up its own ass?!Jeff
Harrison Ford is irradiating our testicles with microwave satellite transmissions!Jeff
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