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Paramount Stage 31

Paramount Stage 31    OFF CAMPUS
Purpose : Sound stage — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Pilot"

Visitors: Cast and crew of Community

The comedy doesn't get big ratings or tons of awards: A banner outside Stage 31 on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, where it's filmed, reads, "congratulations — 0 emmy nominations!" But Community boasts plenty of critical acclaim and one of the most fervent fan bases in television.
— Michael Schneider, TV Guide.

Stage 31 plaque 2
Community's time on Stage 31
is commemorated on a plaque.
Paramount Stage 31 was where "Community" was filmed from Season One to Season Five. The stage is located on the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood, California. Stage 31 was originally named Stage 9 prior to the Desilu Productions merger with Paramount. Several well known movies have been shot on this site including "Chinatown" and "Forrest Gump". Other TV shows filmed here include "Little House on the Prairie" and the original "Star Trek". After five seasons Community moved production from Stage 31 on the Paramount lot to CBS Studio Center Stage 14 for Season Six.


Stage 31 is 15,488 square feet, 106’-9” in length, width 145’-1” and 35' height. Along with some of the adjacent studios, Stage 31 used to open up into one huge stage. The open area was used specifically during that time period to allow long camera tracking shots for dancing sequences. There is still a soundproof partition between Stage 30 and 31 which allows them to be united. The side entrance to the studio is often used onscreen in several episodes of "Community" as the back entrance to Greendale Community College's library. As the seasons went on and the production costs got trimmed, the show became entirely shot in or around Stage 31. Even the Stage 27 entrance exterior located across from the Stage 31 has also been used on the show as the front doors of Borchert Hall.

Stage 31 pic-2
Stage 31 with the "Hollywood" sign in the background.