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Dr. Patrick Isakson
Portrayed by: Dan Harmon
First appearance: "Greendale's First Straight A: Accessibility"
Last appearance: "Ladders" (photo)
Home town: Boise, ID
Occupation: Dean of Admissions, professor of Women's Studies


Greendale will blow your mind and your body. Won't you get to know us better?
— Dr. Patrick Isakson, "Greendale's First Straight A: Accessibility".

S1-Patrick Isakson
Dr Patrick Isakson portrayed by Dan Harmon.
Dr. Patrick Isakson is the Dean of Admissions and a professor of Women's Studies at Greendale Community College. He received his bachelor's degree in Women's Studies from Colorado State in 1995. It is unknown where he received his doctorate, but he currently works at Greendale. He starred in Greendale's The 5 As videos, promoting the school. Although he seems at first calm and easy going, he is shown to have a violent temper. Isakson is portrayed by Community creator Dan Harmon.

Character history[]

Season One[]

Before the study group enrolled at Greendale, Dr. Patrick Isakson took part in a series of promotional videos for the school. In the four online episodes Isakson presented a brief history of the school before explaining the advantages of enrolling at Greendale. This included the "Five A'"s: Accessibility, Affordability, Air conditioning, Awesome new friends, and A lot of classes. While onscreen he seemed calm and personable, outtakes revealed his more temperamental side ("The 5 As").

Isakson loses his temper
Isakson loses his temper.

Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at school, the end of the year paintball tournament is hijacked by City College. Two of the invading enemy paintballers were walking the hallways when they noticed a Greendale poster featuring Patrick Isakson. They mocked the poster unaware it was a trap to lure them into position. Paintball shots exploded from behind the poster and it was revealed Annie and Abed had just eliminated them from the competition ("For A Few Paintballs More").

You are already accepted poster
You are already accepted.

Season Six[]

In the study group's sixth year at school, Jeff, Annie and Britta rebel against the newest member of the Save Greendale Committee Frankie Dart. She established a no alcohol on campus policy so they created a secret speakeasy club underneath Shirley's Sandwiches. Taped above the speakeasy's bar was a picture of Patrick Isakson with a written reminder not to serve him ("Ladders").

Do not serve this man
Isakson is banned.


  • Patrick's favorite movies are Children of the Corn, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. ("[[1]]")
  • Patrick's guilty pleasure is Koosh balls. ("[[2]]")
  • Patrick told himself that if he had a baby girl, he'd name it Elizabeth Cady Stanton. But he named his cat Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and "she is a little nightmare!"
  • In the Season Five episode "Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality", a black and white group photo featuring The Old Timey Photo Club is shown. Show creator Dan Harmon appears in the picture although it's possible it could be him as "Dr. Patrick Isakson".