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Student ID
PAVel Iwaszkiewicz
Portrayed by: Dominik Musiol
First appearance: "Home Economics"
Last appearance: "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Home town: POLAND
Occupation: STUDENT


I get wicked cold, bros! Mad sleepy.
Pavel, "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design".

Pavel Iwaszkiewicz is a student at Greendale Community College. He was once the dorm room neighbor of Abed Nadir and they connected through their shared Polish ancestry to become good friends. Both are fluent in the language and often speak to each other exclusively in Polish. He is a member of the school's AV Club and often assists Abed in his film projects. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Home Economics". He is portrayed by actor Dominik Musiol.

Character history[]

Season One[]

Pavel first appears during the study group's freshmen year at Greendale. At the time Jeff had been forced to move in with Abed in his dorm room after he was evicted from his condo. While Britta was visiting the pair, Pavel stopped by to say hello. Jeff introduces Pavel to Britta as Abed's dorm neighbor from Poland. Abed then handles Pavel's introduction to Britta in his native tongue. Pavel then recognizes her name from a song that became popular on campus, "Gettin' Rid of Britta". It was written and performed by Britta's ex-boyfriend Vaughn Miller and his band Some Worries and was about their break-up. When Pavel launched into his own rendition of the song complete with a dance, Britta got upset and left. Pavel asked Abed if he should apologize but he told him it was okay ("Home Economics"). Pavel also appears as a cameraman assisting Abed filming a scene in Spanish class with Leo ("Communication Studies").

S01E08-Pavel dancing
Pavel dancing and singing.

Season Two[]

Pavel is later seen in the study group's sophomore year when Troy and Abed were having a sleep over and decided to build a blanket fort in Abed's dorm room. Impressed with the structure, he was invited by the duo to help expand the fort with any extra linens he might have ("Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design"). He was later seen alongside Garrett assisting Abed with a documentary he is shooting on Pierce's bequeathing to the study group ("Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"). During the election for a new Greendale student body president, he informs Abed that Agent Robin Vohlers and the Secret Service are ransacking his dorm room believing him to be a threat to the visiting Vice-President ("Intro to Political Science"). At the end of the year, Pavel participates in the annual paintball assassination tournament but is eliminated by The Black Rider ("A Fistful of Paintballs").

2x16-Pavel Abed Garrett
The film crew for Pierce's bequeathings.

Season Three[]

In the 2012 Spring semester at Greendale, Pavel again helps Abed shoot a documentary, this time on Dean Craig Pelton remaking a commercial for Greendale ("Documentary Filmmaking: Redux").

Season Five[]

In the 2014 Spring semester at Greendale, Pavel helps Abed win back his girlfriend Rachel's affections. He helps Abed recreate the classic TV trope of the third act apology on a rainy doorstep at Rachel's locker. While on a ladder and standing behind Abed he pours water on his friend to simulate rain. After Rachel accepts his apology, Pavel stops pouring water and holds a card board cut out of a rainbow above Abed's head. At the same time a passing student slipped and fell on the water Pavel poured ("VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing").

S05E09-Pavel w rainbow
Pavel makes the sun shine.


Pavel puts up flyers for auditions for a student film around Greendale. The flyer indicates it's an asset if the applicants can ride a unicycle.

S01E13-Pavel Flyer
Wonder what film Abed needed unicycles in.
  • In a 2020 interview, Musiol relates his experiences getting cast back in 2010.[1]
  • Musiol is a former community college student, having graduated from Scottsdale Community College.