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First appearance: "Pilot" — Owned by: various — Used by: various
Purpose: Writing utensil— Made by: various   PHOTO ICON

Vicki finally lent me her pencil.
Pierce, "Intro to Political Science".

A pencil is a common hand writing utensil which is also used as an art medium. It is created by putting a tiny graphite rod inside of a thin wooden (or sometimes plastic) casing. The pencil is sharpened to a point in order to use it and most times has a rubber eraser attached at the other end. A pencil's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Pilot".


Season One[]

At the start of the 2009 Spring semester of Greendale, disbarred lawyer and newly enrolled student Jeff Winger found himself trying to clam down a fake study group he inadvertently formed. He used his gift of gab and gave what would end up being the first of many Winger speeches to the study group. As part of his oration he used a prop in the form of a pencil. He named it "Steve" and claimed that unlike animals man can form emotional attachments to inanimate objects. To further his point he then broke "Steve" in two much to the horror of the study group. As Jeff continued his speechifying, Abed tried to fix "Steve" but was unsuccessful ("Pilot").

Abed tries to fix the pencil
Abed tries to fix the pencil.

Season Two[]

During the 2011 semester at Greendale, Annie Edison's pen went missing during her study group session. After a meticulous search of both the room and her fellow study group members they were unable to find the item ("Cooperative Calligraphy"). They would not find out what happened to the pen until the end of the semester. Ben Chang would discover that Troy's pet monkey had stockpiled many of the study groups personal items inside the Greendale ventilation system. Amongst the stolen goods were a few of Annie's pens along with a number of pencils.

Items stolen by Annie's boobs
Pencils stolen by Annie's boobs.
Later that year, Vicki refused to lend Pierce Hawthorne her pencil. When Vicki accidentally became a candidate for student body president Pierce also joined the race to get revenge. Before and during the debate portion Pierce taunted Vicki. Eventually she had enough of Pierce's insults and stormed off the stage. Still not satisfied by this, Pierce continued to shadow Vicki. He got his comeuppance when Vicki finally decided to lend him her pencil by stabbing him in the cheek with it. He ran into Jeff and Annie and waxed philosophic about his actions. When Annie saw his wound she pleaded with him to go to the student clinic ("Intro to Political Science").

Vicki lends Pierce her pencil
Vicki lends Pierce her pencil.


Other appearances[]

A wooden pencil was seen in the opening credits of Community up until Season Six when it was replaced by a mechanical version. There was also a store located adjacent to the Cafeteria known as "Pencils & Such" which has been a fixture in the background throughout the series run.

Pencil in opening credits
Pencil in the opening credits.