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Pierce Raps

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  ♫Pierce Raps  
CD Cover

◄  Album : Community soundtrack  -  Performed by: Pierce and Jacques Slade  ►
  Composed by: Jacques Slade  -  First heard: "Home Economics"

”When you come after Pierce then the battle is on, so this rap goes out to stupid Vaughn.
Vaughn Miller's rapper

Pierce and MC Dan Harmon rap
Pierce keyboards to the rap.

In "Home Economics", Pierce tries to make peace between Vaughn and Britta after their breakup. He ends up joining Vaughn's band and together they collaborate on a song "Gettin' Rid of Britta". After the song becomes a huge hit on the Greendale campus, they get into a huge argument over the song as Pierce believes he deserves more credit than he has received for it. Vaughn kicks Pierce out of the band and still upset over their argument writes a song to get back at him “Pierce You Are A B”.

Pierce collaborates with Vaughn’s rapper on a retaliation song. While rehearsing it, Vaughn catches them and says this isn’t over. "Pierce Raps" was first heard in the Season One episode "Home Economics" and is track 5 on the official Community soundtrack.

The song with lyrics[]


East side, west side, north side, south

Vaughn’s breath is so bad his butt’s mad at his mouth.

This rap is by Pierce, Vaughn is so dumb

He wears diapers to bed and sucks his mother’s thumb.

And when he wakes up stupid wishing he was me

He has a big poop breakfast with a glass of pee.

Then he goes to school where he’s stupid again

Everybody hates him even all his friends.

When you come after Pierce then the battle is on

So this rap goes out to stupid Vaughn.