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Preston Koogler
Portrayed by: Mitchell D. Hurwitz
First appearance: "App Development and Condiments"
Last appearance: "Modern Espionage"
Date of birth: May 29, 1963
Major: Party animal


Oh, the Koog approves! That's a five!
— Koogler, "App Development and Condiments".

S05E08-Koogler heat shot
Koogler portrayed by Mitchell Hurwitz.
Preston Koogler is a middle aged student at Greendale Community College who lives in a state of arrested development. While wearing his trademark sunglasses and Hawaiian lei, he still acts as if he is in his twenties. He is the stereotypical hard partying, beer drinking, and horny college prankster. Despite his perpetual adolescence and crude behavior, he is still a popular personality on campus. His first appearance was in the Season Five episode "App Development and Condiments". He is portrayed by television writer and producer Mitchell D. Hurwitz.

Character history[]

Season Five[]

In the study group's fifth year together at Greendale, a new social networking software called "MeowMeowBeenz" is tested at school that ranks anything from 1 to 5 with Five being the best ranking. The campus quickly embraces the new application and Koogler, a popular fifty year old student, soon earns himself a level Five status. He joined with other Five's which included Shirley Bennett, Ben Chang, Abed Nadir and Buzz Hickey. Together they formed a powerful clique which took over the campus. Koogler and the others abused their status forcing the lower ranks to serve them. Aware that they might start to resent their treatment, the Fives discussed how to placate them. Koogler suggested to his fellow Fives that to keep the masses happy they simply needed to be entertained.

Koogler enjoying being a Five
Koogler enjoying the benefits of being a Five.
The others agreed and a talent show was organized with the participants possibly able to get up voted and join the elite. Koogler and the other Fives generally followed Shirley's lead when they judged the entrants. After Koogler and the others down voted a glow stick juggling student named Jordan Blum, Jeff Winger took the stage. A stand up comedy routine earned Jeff great approval from the audience. Despite their response, the lower numbers immediately looked to the Fives for their official response before ranking it. Shirley was about to down vote him when Koogler interrupted and loudly proclaimed the act was Five "MeowMeowBeenz". The audience followed suit and after the voting was over Jeff became a "Five".

S05E08-Koogler approves
The Koog approogs, that's a Five!

Koogler and the other Fives threw an induction ceremony in Jeff's honor to welcome him into the fold. However, animosity between Jeff and Shirley started to surface. As Jeff was trying to sow dissension against her to Abed, Shirley was doing the same thing to him with Koogler. A heated argument between the two breaks out which disrupted the celebration. Annoyed at their behavior, Koogler and Chang decide to down vote them both. The other Fives do the same ejecting Shirley and Jeff to the "Outlands". Koogler tried to get the party started back up but the festivities quickly came to an end with the arrival of Britta and her rebel army of Twos and Threes. Koogler and the remaining Fives are taken into custody as the lower ranked users brought an end to their regime.

S05E08-Koogler it comes down
It comes down?

The Fives were brought before a makeshift tribunal headed by Britta for their "crimes". Koogler was the last of the Fives to be judged and Britta accused him of parking in handicap spaces. Koogler owned up to that but claimed that it was just part of his personal style. Britta demanded that the crowd in attendance rate him and his "MeowMeowBeenz" status fell to "One". He was about to be dragged off when Jeff and Shirley returned from the "Outlands". Jeff proposed that in order for the revolutions purge of the Fives to be complete they needed to take down the app itself. Koogler asked him how they could "cleanse" themselves of something which is unregistered. Jeff told him they simply needed to delete their app which Koogler and the mob immediately did. Koogler then headed home as did everyone else since it was already the weekend ("App Development and Condiments").

S05E08-Koogler now thats low
Now that's low.

Season Six[]

In the 2015 Spring semester at Greendale Koogler continued to party as the head of the school club "Club Club". He also had a side job as a small time paintball munitions dealer going by the code name of "Fun Dad". The Save Greendale Committee sent Abed into Club Club to investigate Koogler. Once Abed gained his confidence Koogler showed off his product. However, when Abed inquired about a silver color Koogler immediately ran. He was stopped by Annie who questioned him about a player named "Silver Ballz". Koogler had him as a client and provided him with a distinctive silver paintball ammo color. Before Koogler could talk he was shot with paint, presumably by Silver Ballz. In the ensuing panic Koogler used the commotion to escape before he was able to reveal any information ("Modern Espionage").

Koogler at Club Club
Koogler at Club Club.


  • Koogler is the archetypal hard partying "cool" student found in most R-rated college comedy films. A movie trailer for a film based on his campus exploits is featured in the episode's end tag.
  • Television writer/producer and creator of "Arrested Development" Mitchell D. Hurwitz portrays "Koogler". Community creator Dan Harmon made a cameo in an episode of Arrested Development's fourth season in 2013.
  • Mitch Hurwitz has appeared on several episodes of Dan Harmon's podcast/live show Harmontown.

Mitch and Dan
Mitchell D. Hurwitz and Dan Harmon
on the set of "Arrested Development".

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